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Playa Grande Beach is a renowned beach located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Known for its striking white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and world-class surf, it’s a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. With a range of activities and tours available, it’s a great spot for a relaxing day out or an adventure-filled vacation. 

Best Hotels At Playa Grande Beach:

Hotel Pasatiempo:

Hotel Pasatiempo is a popular hotel located just steps from Playa Grande Beach. This hotel features comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, and a restaurant. The hotel has a swimming pool where guests can unwind and soak up the sun. The pool area is surrounded by lush gardens and has plenty of loungers for guests. Amenities include free Wi-Fi, a tour desk, and laundry service.

Hotel Playa Grande:

A well-known hotel called Hotel Playa Grande is situated right on Playa Grande Beach. This hotel has a restaurant, a swimming pool, and rooms with seaside views. A variety of accommodations are available at the hotel to accommodate various needs and price ranges. Every room has a balcony or patio with seaside views. Both local and international cuisines are available to guests in the hotel’s restaurants. The eatery serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has a bar with a selection of drinks.

Westin Golf Resort & Spa:

The Westin Golf Resort & Spa high-end hotel and resort is close to Playa Grande Beach. The hotel provides a variety of accommodation types to accommodate various requirements and price ranges. An 18-hole golf course with difficult courses and stunning scenery is available to hotel guests and visitors. The hotel features a spa where visitors can enjoy various procedures and offerings. The spa provides body treatments, facials, massages, and more. For guests, the hotel offers a variety of food alternatives. The hotel also features a bar and a lounge area where guests can enjoy beverages and snacks. The main restaurant provides a variety of regional and foreign meals.

Top Activities At Playa Grande Beach:

Playa Grande Beach offers a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy. Some of the most popular activities include:


The beach is known for its excellent surf and consistent waves, perfect for beginner and advanced surfers. Visitors can rent surfboards and take lessons from local instructors.

Swimming and Sunbathing: 

The blue waters and white sandy beaches make Playa Grande Beach an ideal spot for swimming and sunbathing. Visitors can also rent umbrellas and beach chairs for added comfort.

Marine Life Observation: 

Playa Grande Beach is home to the Las Baulas National Marine Park, which offers a variety of tours that allow visitors to observe marine life, such as sea turtles and whales. Visitors can also snorkel to explore the underwater world.

Horseback Riding: 

Visitors can ride horseback on the beach, a great way to explore the area and enjoy the stunning scenery.


Fishing trips are also available, which allow visitors to catch different types of fish, such as snapper, grouper, and roosterfish.


Yoga classes are offered on the beach and offer a unique opportunity to relax and unwind while taking in beautiful surroundings.


Playa Grande Beach is located in the province of Guanacaste, in the northwest region of Costa Rica. Specifically, it’s situated in the Nicoya Peninsula, known for its beautiful beaches and diverse wildlife. The beach is easily accessible from major cities such as Tamarindo, Liberia, and Santa Cruz and can be reached by car or public transportation. The nearest airport is Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, about an hour’s drive from the beach.

Amenities At Playa Grande Beach:

Playa Grande Beach offers a variety of amenities to make visitors’ experiences as comfortable as possible. Some of the amenities include:

  • Parking: There is ample parking available for visitors who arrive by car.
  • Restrooms: Public restrooms are available for visitors to use.
  • Shower: There are outdoor showers for visitors to rinse off after swimming or surfing.
  • Beach Rentals: Visitors can rent umbrellas, beach chairs, and surfboards to make their time at the beach more comfortable.
  • Lifeguards: On the beach, lifeguards ensure visitors’ safety while swimming or surfing.
  • Beach Access: Playa Grande beach is wheelchair-friendly and accessible to people with disabilities, with a boardwalk and ramps to the beach.
  • Security: The beach has security guards that patrol the area to ensure visitors’ safety and security.
  • First Aid: A first aid station is available on the beach in an emergency.
  • Concession stands: Visitors can find small stands where they can buy snacks, cold drinks, and souvenirs.


Is Playa Grande Beach safe for swimming?

Yes, Playa Grande Beach is safe for swimming. The water is clear, and lifeguards patrol the beach to ensure visitors’ safety.

Are there any restaurants on the beach?

Yes, there are several local restaurants and bars near the beach that offer delicious food and drinks. Visitors can also find food vendors on the beach that sell snacks and drinks.

Are there any activities for children?

Yes, there are several activities that children can enjoy, such as swimming, playing on the beach, and horseback riding.

What is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Playa Grande Beach is from December to April, when the climate is dry and bright.


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