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Negril Beach, also famous as Seven Mile Beach, is a beautiful and popular tourist destination located on the west coast of Jamaica. The beach stretches for seven miles, offering visitors a wide range of activities and accommodations. Negril Beach is a unique and enjoyable destination, including its natural beauty, recreational options, and overall atmosphere. 

Best Hotels At Negril Beach:

Best Hotels At Negril Beach

Riu Palace Tropical Bay: 

On the Thai island of Phi Phi Don, there is a magnificent resort called Phi Phi Village Beach Resort. With a range of services and events, the resort welcomes guests. The Beach Resort has a variety of pools, a spa and wellness area, a fitness center, and several dining options. Every room has contemporary comforts, including air conditioning, a minibar, and a private balcony.

Sandals Negril: 

This luxury, all-inclusive resort is located on Seven Mile Beach in Negril. The resort offers a variety of room options, including standard rooms, suites, and villas. Several bars on the property include a swim-up and beach bars. The resort also offers a combination of recreational activities and entertainment options, including a large swimming pool, a fitness center, a spa, and a variety of water sports and land activities.

Beachcomber Club Resort: 

This budget-friendly hotel is located on Seven Mile Beach in Negril. The hotel offers a variety of room options, including standard rooms, suites, and apartments. The hotel also offers a variety of recreational activities and entertainment options, including a large swimming pool, a fitness center, a spa, and a variety of water sports.

The Caves: 

This luxurious eco-hotel is located in a tropical garden above the Negril cliffs. The hotel provides secluded cottages and villas with air conditioning and a terrace or patio. A buffet and a la carte restaurants featuring a range of foreign and regional cuisines are two options for visitors. Additionally, several bars are on the site, including beach and swim-up bars. 

Top Activities At Negril Beach:

Top Activities At Negril Beach

Recreational options at Negril Beach are abundant and varied, making it a perfect destination for both adventure seekers and those looking to relax.

Water Sports:

Negril Beach is a great place for water sports enthusiasts. The clear waters and gentle waves make it ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing. Visitors can examine the underwater world and see a variety of colorful fish and coral. Many companies offer equipment rental and guided tours for these activities.

Fishing and Boat Rentals:

Negril Beach is also a great place for fishing. Visitors can rent boats and go to the sea to catch fish, including snapper, grouper, and barracuda. Deep-sea fishing excursions are also available for those looking for a more challenging experience. Boat rentals are also available for island hopping, allowing visitors to explore the nearby cays and islets.

Swimming and Sunbathing:

Of course, one of the most popular activities at Negril Beach is swimming and sunbathing. The clear waters and soft sand make it an excellent place to relax and soak up the sun. Beach umbrellas and chairs are also available for rent, providing visitors with even more comfort.

Beach Volleyball and Soccer:

For those looking for more active options, Negril Beach also offers opportunities to play beach volleyball and soccer. Visitors can join in games with locals and other tourists or start their own.

Natural Beauty:

The beach is covered by lush green vegetation and offers a great Caribbean sea view. The water is crystal clear, and the sand is soft and white. The beach is also known for its natural beauty, cliffs, and rock formations. Visitors can also enjoy the sunsets over the ocean, which are particularly beautiful.

Overall Atmosphere: 

Negril Beach has a very lively and friendly atmosphere. The locals are very pleasant and welcoming, and visitors will enjoy the laid-back and relaxed atmosphere of the area. Many restaurants, bars, and shops along the beach make it a great place to relax and enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle.

Accommodations At Negril Beach:

Negril Beach offers a wide variety of accommodations to suit the requirements and budgets of all visitors. The options range from budget-friendly hotels and guesthouses to luxury resorts and villas.

Budget-Friendly Hotels:

For those on a budget, many budget-friendly hotels and guesthouses are available along Negril Beach. These accommodations usually offer basic amenities such as air conditioning and private bathrooms, and some may have a small pool or on-site restaurant. Prices for these options can be quite affordable, making them a great choice for travelers who want to save money while still enjoying the beach.


For those looking for a more luxurious experience, Negril Beach offers a wide range of resorts. These accommodations typically feature swimming pools, spas, and on-site restaurants. Some resorts also have private beaches and offer activities such as water sports and yoga classes. Prices for resorts can vary, some being quite expensive and others being more affordable.

Villas and Apartments:

For visitors looking for more space and privacy, several villas and apartments are available for rent along Negril Beach. These accommodations offer more space and privacy than hotels or resorts and often come with a kitchen and living area. Some villas and apartments also offer private pools and outdoor spaces.

All-Inclusive Resorts:

Negril Beach also offers all-inclusive resorts, which include meals, drinks, and activities at room rates. These resorts are great options for those who want to budget their vacation and not worry about additional expenses.


How far is Negril Beach from the nearest airport? 

The nearest airport to Negril Beach is Sangster International Airport, located about 60 miles away.

What are the best months to visit Negril Beach? 

The best time to visit Negril Beach is from December to April, when the weather is warm and dry.

Are there any all-inclusive resorts on Negril Beach?

There are several all-inclusive resorts on Negril Beach, including Riu Palace Tropical Bay, Sandals Negril, and Beachcomber Club Resort.

Are there any activities for families on Negril Beach? 

Yes, there are several activities for families on Negril Beach, including swimming, snorkeling, and water sports. Some resorts also offer children’s programs and facilities.

Is there public transportation to and from Negril Beach?

Public transportation, including buses and taxis, is available to and from Negril Beach.


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