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Blue world city Islamabad, the highest-rated housing society in Islamabad, is home to Blue World. It is the most prominent and fastest-growing housing society in Islamabad thanks to the Blue Group of Companies, which works with the internationally-famous Shan Jian municipal engineer enterprise.

It is currently one of the most affordable housing options in the area and has become very popular with traders. This is a great option for those who want to invest in a high-return residential project.

The blue city also offers online services such as blue city verification, online paymentcertificate online verification, and application status.

Blue City Owners & Developers:

Blue Group of Companies owns and develops Blue World City. Saad Nazar, the son of former Deputy Commissioner Lahore, Chaudhry Nazaer.

Blue Group of Companies was founded in 1989, in Lahore. The company offered services such as construction and architectural design. It quickly gained a solid reputation as a professional and trustworthy company by appealing to the attention of clients, and other investors. The company is now ranked among the Top Five real estate development firms in Pakistan.

Blue City Islamabad Location Map:

Nearby blue city Islamabad can be found on the primary Chakri Road near the Chakri Interchange, which has direct access to the Lahore-Islamabad highway.

It is also near Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and the new global Islamabad Airport.

Blue City Islamabad NoC:

Rawalpindi development authority had granted the making plans permission for blue world city Islamabad to the vide letter number. 532/10/dc dated: 07-08-2018. The society was granted initial planning permission for approximately 427 Kanal land.

After some time, any other software was submitted. The society was removed from the list of below-processing societies.

A letter has been sent by the district council regarding the NOC for blue international towns vide letter no. 532/10/dc, dated 07/08/2018. After signing the 2021 neighborhood body ordinance by Governor Punjab, the government settled the dispute between the Rawalpindi improvement Authority (RDA), and the district. All residential housing societies were approved by the district council in accordance with this ordinance. After these deliberations, approval was given to the blue international city. This will mean that plot costs will increase. Finally, the NOC for the blue city of the world is approved

Blue City Islamabad Master Plan:

The Blue World City master plan includes high-end education facilities as well as a copy the Blue Mosque. This will attract tourists to the city, and help revive Islamic culture. It will provide a significant boost to Pakistan’s economy once the project is complete.

Blue City Islamabad File Verification:

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Blue City Islamabad-Overseas Block With Location

The overseas block of Blue world city is intended solely for Pakistanis living in distant areas who have higher expectations and are more accustomed to lavish facilities. The overseas block is limited in number and offers commercial plots.

This is an opportunity for Pakistani citizens who are living abroad to make proper investments in Pakistan at an affordable price.

The block for foreign places has direct access to Chakri Avenue. It will have its designated gate through the main gateway of society. As a way to connect the blue world city Islamabad to the toll road M-2, and Islamabad for the next 2 years the housing project will need to be granted the right to enter the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Its convenient and appealing region is drawing a lot of attention from local and international buyers.

The overseas block was created to meet all the needs of overseas Pakistanis looking to invest in their home country. Foreign buyers are discouraged by scams. It is good to know that the blue world city block and distant places block is not a scam while offering prison investment opportunities in Rawalpindi. The block offers a variety of amenities and facilities that will provide an overseas experience. These centers provide a familiar way to live.

Blue City Islamabad Farmhouses With Location:

Living a stressful and monotonous life can be overwhelming. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the traumatizing surroundings. You want to live in peaceful and serene areas where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the area and have the luxury. Blue hills country farms can be used to fulfill this need.

Living a stressful life can have a negative impact on your mental and physical health. It is important to find tranquil surroundings that are far from urban bustle and close to nature. Blue hills farms are a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. These farms are close to nature, and tranquil surroundings.

The blue hills farmhouse area is best located in the most tranquil vicinity of the society. There is a beautiful river circulation nearby. It is also surrounded by the natural elegance of society. It is a wonderful area for people to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle, far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Blue City Residential Awami Complex With Location:

The latest addition to blue city’s magnificent housing task is the awami residential compound. Each unit is available in both unbiased or duplex configurations and comes with everything you need to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with amazing views of society. Each unit offers sustainable infrastructure and luxurious amenities.

The awami residential complex is being built to address the growing demand for affordable housing.

This Awami residential area is located parallel to the main blue city. It has a direct get right of access to Chakri road which is one of the most desired areas near the Islamabad International Airport.

This improvement could be achieved by the blue organization of businesses with the highest quality and will include common spaces and services at this emblematic property’s height.

Blue City Islamabad Waterfront Block

Blue World City Waterfront Block is a new addition to the Blue World City project. This area is located right next to the waterfront of the society and in front of Outbound Block. With its quiet waterfront views, the society offers tranquility for the occupants.

You can reach your business or office in minutes from Rawalpindi. Every convenience, both private and business, is available within society. Even the best-in-class doctors could also benefit from society’s premises.

Blue City Islamabad Executive Block

Blue World City’s most recent block is Blue World City Executive Block. This magnificent addition to the all-around hypnotizing private sector is a great example of how Blue World City has grown. It is located in an optimal area and can be reached by different routes. It is also located near the twin urban communities of Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

The Executive Block will embody extravagance and class while also displaying tastefulness. All the basic amenities will be available to the occupants. The Executive Block in Blue World City will offer a luxurious way to live for its occupants.

Blue World City Executive Block offers the chance to live in the home of your dreams at a very affordable price. It has plots available in 5 Marla and 10Marla as well as 20Marla with a 4-year installment program.

Blue City Islamabad Payment Plan:

The Blue world executive block provides an easy-to-follow pricing plan. It also offers a 4-year installment plan to those who are unable to pay the lump sum immediately. The executive block will be distributing the plots 5 marlas and 10 marlas as well as the 20 marlas. The simplest 10% downpayment is required to book.

Blue City Islamabad Features & Amenities:

Blue World City’s goals are to expand the largest Islamabad housing project that can cater to the future residential and commercial needs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It provides all the basic services that are required for modern-day housing developments.

This housing project might surprise Chinese architecture and development. It’s not only the most efficient, but it’s also the least expensive housing society in the area. This is especially to accommodate the over 2,000,000 Chinese citizens who will be arriving in Pakistan to take part in the CPEC route undertaking within the next few years.

This requirement has made it necessary for the society that international infrastructure and trendy facilities are built to not only assist Chinese citizens but also to improve the living standard of Pakistani citizens.

The infrastructure is already being built and society has begun to run.

Blue City Islamabad Projects:

The future-oriented, never before seen services will be offered to the residents of the housing project:

Blue City Blue Mosque:

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey, is a magnificent example of classical architecture. Blue World City builds a replica of this magnificent mosque to restore Islamic values in Pakistan.

The Faisal Mosque is now a landmark that will attract people to this society. It will be a true representation and complement the topic of the blue city.

Blue City Water Theme Park:

Blue World City Water Theme Park features amusing water rides and slides, a wave swimming pool, volcanic waterfall, and is primarily designed for water pools for children. It also offers water surfing.

society has set out to create the biggest and Pakistan’s first global water theme.

Blue City Commercial Hubs, Schools, And Colleges:

The society will grow to become one of the largest commercial hubs within the vicinity. With the CPECroute nearby, the opportunities are numerous.

This mind-blowing society’s master plan was created together with national art, current commercial avenue , and high-merit education facilities across all sectors of society to ensure the accessibility of people.

Blue City Security Along W/ Cctv Cameras 24/7:

Blue world city Islamabad considers the security needs of its residents and visitors extremely important; a specially -trained security team will ensure that its citizens are protected 24/7.

CCTV cameras are available throughout the housing society to create a safe and comfortable environment for residents.

Blue City Carpeted Roads And Public Transport:

The roads will be 40 to 60, 80, 100 and 120 toes in width, respectively. There will also be concrete paths and sidewalks to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.

To make touring in society easier for everyone, the society could also have an internal component of the public transportation system.

Blue City Sectors Grand Mosque:

Each zone can have a zone mosque that is specifically designed for its citizens. This gives them the opportunity to pray easily and fulfill their religious obligations without much hassle.

To allow people to pray Jumma more often, Jamia Mosques may be constructed at some point in society. This will make it convenient for both the occupants of the society and visitors.

Blue City Islamabad Developments:

Although society is not yet officially launched, development has begun within the society. The grand entrance of society is almost complete. Construction of the main side roads of the society has begun.

The land clearing process in Phase 1 of society is underway and will not be delayed. As an improvement, Saad Nazeer, CEO of blue city, held a meeting with Mr. Chang, a leading multi-floor condominium developer in Chinese for the development and rental of homes in blue city Islamabad.

Why Invest In The Blue City Islamabad?

Blue city Islamabad offers a dream living community. This society has the main appealing feature that it is cheaper and offers every current facility. The development levels continue to exist so prices remain low. When the society is advanced within 1 to 2, the fees may rise and these low fees won’t be available. Don’t miss this chance to invest in a Blue World city.

The Blue World society offers high-quality amenities as well as modern infrastructure. This development will improve the quality of life for its residents. There are many opportunities in the community. It offers a wonderful outdoor environment to its residents. It is surrounded by lush green spaces which make it a stunning area.

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