6 Best and Famous Forests of Pakistan

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A large area covered with trees, greenery, and undergrowth is named the Forest. Forest is a natural area full of trees and wildlife. Forests are a major source of oxygen for the environment and ensure the survival of living things existing in a region.

Have you ever heard about Environmentalism?

The action which aims to protect the environment is known as environmentalism and the forests totally work on the phenomena of environmentalism as the trees are an important factor for the environment. The forests consist of trees and trees are the basic source of oxygen in the environment.

There are many reasons why the forest is an essential part of the environment. Forests benefit us in continuing the world’s biodiversity which is the main cause of economic growth and the livelihood of mankind.

About 90% of all earth’s species live in forests. It’s the homeland for animals such as lizards, alligators, turtles, snakes, etc. Whereas, wild animals like lions, tigers, leopards, and wolves. Forests support the ecosystem. Forests are rich in soil, maintain the stability of climates, and purifies the air. Forests play an important role in providing shelter as over 2 billion people rely on forests.

As a source of food, shelter, water, fuel, and security there is a greater need to preserve our forests. Additionally, forests are also a source of jobs for 13 million people around, which is a major reason to think about the preservation of forests.

Pakistan is an oblong stretch of land between the Arabian sea and Karakoram mountains, lying diagonally between 24° N and 37° N latitudes and 61° E and 75° E longitudes, and covering an area of 87.98 million hectares. Pakistan is bestowed with many forests. About 5.2% of the Earth is covered with forests.

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Most beautiful forests are located in the northern areas of Pakistan. It is undeniable that the forests are so much important in Pakistan as the forests play a vital role in the development. Plus, they provide us with the essentials of life, including clean air, water, wildlife habitats, stable oils, and of course, wood. Besides adding great value to the country’s landscape, they are a driving force for recreational activities and adventures – which later on becomes a crucial economic resource for generating employment and boosting tourism.

There are many famous forests in Pakistan.

Pine Forest

Pine Forest is situated near Mahudand Lake. The forest is beautifully covered with a lake. Also, the pine trees are so dense and beautiful. It is located in the Hindu Kush Range, Swat. It’s 9603 feet elevated. It is 40km away from Kalam. The lake itself is so beautiful that it contains meadows, mountains, and pine forests in the surroundings.

Changa Manga Forest

The Changa Manga Forest includes a wildlife preserve. It is located approximately 80 kilometers south-west of Lahore. This forest of Punjab is famous for its beauty. It’s the dream destination for tourists. As it also avails recreating opportunities.

Rama Meadows Forest

Rama Meadows is located in Gilgit Baltistan at the gap of thirteen kilometers. It is the most peaceful and calm spot in Gilgit, containing stunning green meadows, flower blossoms and trees, a lake of pure placid waters, mountain views, and a tranquil atmosphere, you’ll discover Rama Meadows to be an image of the best destination.

The region there has an average of low rainfall and they have a lack of vegetation. Deforestation or lack of forest is a major concern. This forest is one of the very attractive forests in Pakistan. it is usually covered with a large amount of snow. Its real attractiveness and beauty are determined solely in summer or festival times.

Tropical Dry Forests

Tropical dry forests are mostly deciduous species of trees, grow to a moderate height and shed leaves so early. These forests used to be dense during the monsoon season. These forests are home to trees. There are few tropical dry forests in Pakistan and are found in the foothills of Rawalpindi.

Himalayan Forest

Himalayan Moist Temperate Forests are known for their evergreen conifers and a variety of other species, including oak trees and deciduous broad-leafed trees.

In Pakistan, these forests are divided into two zones: lower and upper zone depending on the definite number of conifers. You will most likely find, Pinus Wallachian, pica Smithian, and Abies Pindroh in the lower zone. Meanwhile, the upper zone is populated with Pindroh. Also, this forest is the hometown of Deodar.

Mukshpuri Top Forest

If you want to feel relaxed and calm and want to be at a peaceful place then it should be the Mukhshpuri Top. It is located in Nathia Gali. It is 2 hours away from Dunga Gali. You can hire horses. It is a real adventure of trees and colorful flowers. In winters, it is very difficult to visit Mukshpuri because it becomes slippery. However, it is pretty cold too.

Importance of Forests:

Forests play a very vital role in the economic growth of our country. The very small area is occupied by forests in Pakistan. According to experts the area under forests should be at least 25 to 30% of the total area of the country. In Pakistan, the forest area is only 4.5%. Forest is also called green gold of the country. Its importance can be judged by the following facts:

1. Source of Raw Material:

Forests provide the raw material to the various industries like sports goods industry etc.

2. Source of Fuel:

Forests provide fuel for domestic and commercial needs. Also, it is cheaper than oil and electricity.

3. Source of Recreation:

Forests are a source of recreation. Wood can be reused and many things can be recreated from the trees.

4. Attraction for Tourists:

Forests attract tourists as the forests are covered with trees and various types of colorful flowers. Tourists are attracted towards the forests in this way the country earns the foreign exchange.

However, people are still busy cutting trees and deforestation, which is very sad.

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