5 Road Tripping Ideas with Your Dog

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Going on a road trip and having fun somewhere in the woods or grassland with your dog is a fantastic experience. Also, travel with your puppy in your car can be challenging, significantly if you must drive for long distances.

As dogs get restless very quickly, it’s challenging to get them to sit calmly. You and your dog can both enjoy the journey if you do a few things beforehand. In this post, we discuss five ideas that will make your next trip memorable.

1.      Prepare Your Dog for Travel

Train your dog to be calm while traveling in a car. It is best to prepare it when it is four to seven weeks old. Dogs can quickly adapt to new environments and learn new habits at this age. You can also have the roof rack storage for additional equipment.

You could begin with short rides with someone familiar with cradling your dog. As it becomes comfortable traveling in the car without being cradled after a few brief trips, you can escalate the duration of the trip.

Don’t forget to provide a blanket, bed, food, and water bowls for the dog in the vehicle. Therefore, the dog will be calm as the dog will feel familiar with it.

The amount of space that you require for the dog depends on its size. The back seat on a Land Rover Discovery 4 is large enough to fit a small dog. If it is large, you may have to fold the rear seats to make room for it.

2.      Plan Your Route

When planning your route, keep your dog in mind. Adapt it to its needs, comfort, and happiness. It needs breaks to relieve itself, stretch its legs, and play. After every 4 hours of travel, give the dog at least 30 minutes of rest to make the trip more comfortable.

Plan to stop at dog-friendly tourist sites as well. You can relax while your dog has fun. You can take your dog to a dog park to socialize with other dogs. Crowded areas may make your dog anxious, mainly if it does not interact much with new people.

3.      Pack Food and Water

Traveling while hungry is uncomfortable for both you and your dog. Therefore, pack food and water for the dog as you pack other essentials for the journey. You might also need medicine, toys, feeding bowls, and other items during your journey.

Include mineral supplements and vitamins in its diet to ensure it gets a healthy diet. In addition, you can freeze raw food in small packs suitable for one day’s meals. Don’t let your supply run low, or you’ll find yourself with no food.

Feed your dog at a specific time, perhaps once a day in the afternoon. It allows you to travel long distances without stopping to feed your dog every hour. Furthermore, it will be easy to provide you with before it starves to death. If you take a break, try to give it some water since it needs to refresh itself. If you get spill-proof bowls, you leave water in the bowl while moving.

4.      Get Pet-friendly Accommodation

Find a pet-friendly hotel or motel before you go on that trip. A lot of lodgings do not allow pets or might have conditions for allowing them in. Finding out what the requirements are in advance will enable you to meet them. Depending on the hotel, you may have to pay an additional fee to have your dog inside.

Ask if their rooms have essentials for your dog and if it has a place to sleep. It’s best to bring along a collapsible kennel if they don’t have one. Make sure the dog gets comfortable with the crate before you take it on a trip.

Instead of staying in a motel, you can also camp out during the night. You can camp for free on many public lands where your dog can run and play without a leash. To plan a trip properly, you should research these lands before your trip.

5.      Visit the Vet

In addition to the physical and emotional preparations you give your dog, you should also ensure that it is healthy enough for travel.

Vaccinate it according to your state’s requirements. The vet can also immunize it against diseases it may contract, such as Lyme disease. Pack all medical records and certificates as you may need them on your trip. In case of an emergency, you may need to contact a veterinary officer on your way.


Traveling with a dog does not need to make you miserable. It can be delightful if you plan well. You need to ensure that your dog is comfortable and that you meet all its needs. Be as consistent as you can with activities you do with the dog so that it does not get excited or anxious while on the trip. Remember to update the name tag before the trip and always ensure it is in place every time. It will be helpful in case you lose it.

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