12 Best and Famous Restaurants Around the World

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What are the best restaurants in the world? The question may seem inane, or complicated… Best for what and for whom? Each guest has their tastes, their biases and their budget. Each country has its culture, its heritage and its chauvinism.

Going to a restaurant is no longer just about enjoying a delicious meal together. With the success of click and collect and home delivery, customers, when they are on the move, are looking for a real dining experience. Indeed, animating a restaurant is not limited to the organization of one-off events; the cuisine must match the atmosphere and the aesthetics of the place to offer a moment of life that disorientates its guests. For this, unusual restaurants are attracting more and more customers.

The quality of the restaurants is an important part of the success of a trip… and the setting, almost as much as the food, plays a key role! Here are 11 completely unique addresses around the world, restaurants that alone justify the trip:

1 # The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

If you are passionate about nature, you love to spend a weekend in a rural house, and you enjoy going to different restaurants, we have a proposal that you will love. Because the “Labassin Waterfall” Restaurant is not a terrace decorated with plants and flowers that simulate being in the middle of a forest, it is that the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant is surrounded by nature. It is a restaurant located, literally, in a waterfall!

You can find the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in the Philippines, inside the Villa Escudero resort. Its main attraction is its privileged location: at the foot of a waterfall in the middle of a coconut plantation. There you can live a gastronomic experience never seen before since in addition to tasting the delicacies of local food, you can do it feeling how the water wet your feet.

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2 # Thailand Dreams: Cave Restaurant “The Grotto”

Dinner in “the cave”! Where spectacular karst formations with cliffs jut out of the Andaman Sea, a delightful restaurant with lounge and bar is hidden in a limestone cave on the Railay peninsula. Without a doubt, “The Grotto” is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand.

On my travels across Southeast Asia, I have discovered many charming, original, and chic hotels and restaurants, which I report on in detail here in my lifestyle magazine. There are, however, some of them that are outstanding due to their ambience and therefore belong in the special section “Dreams in Thailand”. This also includes this magical place called ”The Grotto”.

This restaurant beats everything I’ve seen and experienced so far. The restaurant with an open beach lounge and bar is located very close to the “Princess Cave” (the cave of the sea princess) directly on Railey’s snow-white PhraNang Beach. The peninsula in the south of Ao Nang Bay can only be reached by boat.

3 # The Treepod Dining of Thailand

Can you imagine eating in a tree, five meters high, on a nest-type table and the heron carrying your dishes on a zip line? The creativity to win over diners through a rich and innovative culinary offer is endless. A clear example of this is The Treepod Dining restaurant in Thailand.

Intending to promote environmental sustainability and provide a unique experience to its visitors, the Thai resort Soneva Kiri, located on the island of Koh Kood, set up its restaurant on the treetops. Thus, he managed to create a magical space – fully integrated into nature – that year after year attracts thousands of tourists willing to face this challenge.

And it is that eating at five meters high (and enjoying it) is a real challenge, suitable only for the brave. However, daring is worth it. Eating in the tranquillity of the treetops, attended by unique flying waiters, listening to the sound of the waves and the song of the birds, is an experience like no other.

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4 # Kemi LumiLinna Ice Restaurant

The IceRestaurant365 will open in LumiLinna’s new year-round main building in February 2019. The ice restaurant has an average temperature of -5 ° C all year round and offers a memorable fresh taste experience. You can enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner at the ice table and order drinks from the ice bar served in glasses made of ice.

Guests of the Ice Restaurant receive a discounted ticket to LumiLinna. A spectacular work designed in a very original way, with a large vault and snow sculptures decorating the walls. There are several ice tables and logs to sit covered in reindeer skin. The bar counter is also made of ice, and there they serve delicious cocktails in ice glasses to enjoy in this freezing environment.

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5 # Geisha House Steak & Sushi, Las Vegas

This Las Vegas restaurant offers something unusual, to say the least on its special nights: eating sushi from the body of a naked woman. “Isn’t that the perfect mix between food and socializing?” Says a user of the Yelp review site sarcastically. The experience costs about $ 40 and dates back to a Japanese practice called nyotaimori.

In the opening scene of the film Map of the Sounds of Tokyo, by Isabel Coixet, you can see a beautiful young blonde almost naked on a table, barely covered by wide banana leaves… On them are several pieces of sushi and sashimi tasted by a group of high-level Japanese executives. This is how nyotaimori (女 体 盛 り) or “presentation of the female body” is usually represented in fiction, also called body sushi or “Nyotaimori” (男 体 盛 り).

There are strict rules for role models, who must undergo a pre-bath to kill germs or even have regular medical check-ups to prove they do not have any disease.

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6 # Ithaa, the World’s First Underwater Restaurant

In the Alif Dhaal Atoll, specifically on the island of Rangali, in the west of the Maldives, Ithaa, the world’s first underwater restaurant, continues to offer unique experiences five meters below the sea level.


When we walk for the first time on the pier of the Conrad Hotels & Resorts, owned by the Hilton chain, on the island of Rangali, note that entrance that leads you through a spiral staircase 5 meters underwater to the Ithaa ( mother of pearl in the Maldivian language Dhivehi), an underwater restaurant measuring 9 meters long by 5 meters wide with 180-degree panoramic views of an Indian Ocean teeming with parrotfish, turtles and corals of a thousand colors. This is Ithaa, the world’s first underwater restaurant.

7 # The Grotta Palazzese in Italy

One of the most exclusive and original restaurants in Italy is found in the ancient city of Polignano, a Mare; the Hotel Restaurant Grotta Palazzese.

Polignano a Mare is a town existing since the times of the Roman Empire when it was a fishing village, 36 km from Bari in southern Italy and located on a rocky limestone cliff, where the sea has carved sea caves that meander under the streets of the city. The “Grotta Palazzese” is located 24 meters above sea level, found inside a vaulted cave of limestone, looking out towards the sea.

Polignano a Mare is a small Italian town with a long and intense history, but even despite the vestiges of that history that have been preserved over the centuries, its magic lies more in its orography and its natural stones than in the carvings and built.

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8 # Dinner in the Sky Restaurant

On January 24 in Mamacona, Lurín (south of Lima), “Dinner in The Sky Peru” will begin its operations, the restaurant in the heights born in Belgium. The project investment amounts to 1.5 million dollars, and with this opening, there will be three Latin American countries to have this platform that rises 45 meters. The restaurant has capacity for 22 people, the main chef and two assistants, as well as a security assistant.

The operation in the country is carried out in Mamacona (Lurín), one hour south of Lima, among the estates of breeders of Paso horses. The wide green areas and the view towards the sea and the desert were perfect for giving it a local differentiation. The sensation is delightful, the ascent is almost imperceptible, and when you least imagine it, you are already above the clouds. The seats, very similar to the seats of race cars, are distributed around the table.

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9 # Trinity Place Bar & Restaurant

An absolute gem in New York. Trinity Place Bar & Restaurant is a new generation of restaurant and bar in the financial district of Manhattan. The bar is housed in a historic Wall Street bank vault built-in 1904 that showcases all the wealth and power of its time. Just going to see the 2, 35-ton doors of the vault already justifies the visit. The atmosphere is cosy and comfortable, blending New World elements in perfect harmony with Old World know-how.

There is a 12-meter mahogany bar with soft lighting and Italian made beer taps. Irish handcrafted leather benches fit seamlessly between 12.5cm thick steel pillars, and the chandelier mahogany dining room accompanies a menu of dishes to satisfy even the most refined palates.

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10 # Restaurant Le Panoramic France

They serve freshly prepared meals in a welcoming environment. Restaurant le panoramic satisfies even the most demanding – you will be won over by delicious dishes served in a cheerful atmosphere. You can sit in the shade in our beautiful outdoor area and enjoy the summer with your friends.

An excellent restaurant with a varied drink offer

Let yourself be seduced and enjoy the French and diverse cuisine. Our excellent local dishes are particularly famous for their freshness and their unique taste. Their refreshing ice cream will make you happy during the break or for dessert. See for a delicious brunch or lunch. They have a separate smoking area.

Le panoramic always try to offer an exciting and varied selection of dishes with our halal creations. You will be amazed at the delicious healthy possibilities you have available.

11 # The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Rock, this atypical restaurant located in Zanzibar (Africa), was a fisherman’s hut. Restructured and decorated in a simple island style, since 2010 it offers many local specialities mixed with the generosity of Italian cuisine. Access to the small floating house depends on the movement of the ocean. You have to consult the tide times to know how to get there. During low tides, the journey is easier on foot.

On the other hand, when the water encroaches on the white sand beaches, a small local boat is there to lead epicureans up to the wooden staircase of the establishment which has a small dozen tables and can seat 45 people.

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