10 Best Restaurants in Lahore to Eat with family, Friends and Kids

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10 Best Restaurants in Lahore

 As we know that Lahore is the Heart of Pakistan so, it has all kind of taste in it. Lahore is prominent for its plenty types of food, taste. Lahore has numberless restaurants, café and food court, Visit Lahore, Pakistan and tries Lahore amazing taste buds according to your cravings. Here we list the top 10 best restaurants of Lahore according to your desiring and craving tastes, must try all these restaurants with your family and friends too here.

  1. Urban Kitchen
  2. Haveli
  3. Dera
  4. China Town
  5. Lord of Food
  6. Nadeem’s Buffet
  7. Turkish Restaurant
  8. Butt Karahi
  9. Bundu Khan
  10. Savour Foods Lahore

Urban Kitchen

urban kitchen

Urban Kitchen is the modish restaurant of Lahore with multi courses of food, perfect taste according to food with worthy price rate. It has a different variety of food with Hi-Tea as well. Urban Kitchen is famous mostly for its Hi-Tea!. If you are looking French food or Pasta kinds with a various variety of food among the newest environment with every international taste, Urban Kitchen is a place for having dine-in here with family, friends and mark a memorable time here. Urban Kitchen adds intricate platter in their menus such as Appetizer, Chicken main, Beef Main, Sea Food, E Che Pizza, Burger & sandwiches and many more. But mostly for its HI-Tea which includes Bahama Mama, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Voulevant, Small Pizza, Sliders (Chicken & Beef), Chicken Sandwich, Cheese Balls, Penne Pasta with red sauce, assorted Pastries and Scone, served for 2 Persons in the platter deals. Urban Kitchen includes Parisian Apple Crumble Tart, Oishii Katsu Curry, Peanut Butter Cheesecake, As well as some other delicate surprises for all the diners.

20 L College Rd, near Mini Market Park, Block L Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab

Tel: 0332 8722656

Haveli Lahore

haveli lahore

Haveli is one of the most well-known restaurants in Lahore due to its perfect scenic view of Badshahi Mosque in Food Street in Lahore with its delicious tasteful food variety. It offers a delicious food menu with its matchless view. Most of the people prefer an environment with food for their family to spent precious time with them. So, it’s a perfect restaurant for them. Haveli Restaurant is mostly up for its mouth-watering B.B.Q every Nite in multi-variety such as Grilled Batair, Fish Tikka, Veal Beef Kabab, Dumba Chops, Kastoori Boti, Chicken Tandori Boti, Rehmi Kabab, Sikhanderi Kabab and many more. Haveli includes many variations in there as Starters with Masala Fries, Fried Drum Stick, Nutella Naam, Cheese Naan and many more, with having dedication variety of Family Platters and also includes China Express, Continental Cuisine, with Pakistani Foods.

Located in: Badshahi Mosque

2170-A Food St Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab

Tel: 0300 8414899



A restaurant designed with full of traditions in it, it caters to every taste bud by giving customers a wide selection of cuisines to choose from their menu.  Location and environment of this restaurant are totally awesome from inside as well from outside too as it gives a traditional heritage of overview of Pakistan with indoor and outdoor sitting. As they said in their slogan Taste and Tradition all together, you truly find it here. A classic heritage and desi environment of Pakistan, you get here with all the tasty desi food. Dera adds traditional desi specialities like Chicken and Mutton Sajji, Saag, Karahi, BarBeCue and a variety of Chinese food in it.

Shop # 60

Qaddafi Stadium

Lahore, Pakistan.

Tel: (92-42) 3-571-4003, 3-571-4007


china town

China Town restaurant is waiting for you to have a chines meal here with a fully furnished China environment. It’s a stylish family restaurant for a quick lunch here with family, friends. In a busy routine come and join this restaurant for a delicious taste of China restaurant, you can get multi-variety of Chines soup here as well with reasonable price. In its super meal, China Town includes 109 Items in their menu as in China Town Specialities adds Kung Pao chicken, Juha Fish, Szechuan Dry Fish, Special Jumbo Prawns, Street Treat sesame Chicken, with noodles and rice of various variety.

13-A-3, Mian Mehmood Kasuri Road

Gulberg III

Lahore, Pakistan

Tel: (92-42) 3-575-0059


Lord of Food

Totally advance level of an environment with perfect food taste you get here with daily live music concert too.  It’s a perfect gathering place for families and friends too, you can also conduct your meetings too here while having food. Their slogan satisfied every person about their food quality surety as You can visit our Kitchen anytime, they keep tasting above the class with various variables in a single place.  Visit this and make memories here too. Lord of Food includes various varieties as Continental, Chinese, Pakistani, Sea Food as well with Bar BQ, moreover its famous for Platter Junction for families.

17 C Khyaban-e-Jinnah, Block C Block B Opf

Housing Scheme, Lahore, Punjab54600

Tel: 0341 1114443


Lunch, Hi-Tea and dinner, Nadeem Buffet offers Hi-Tea designed for every part of the day. Best place for Buffet with family, friends within different Time slots. Match the free slot and go for having buffet here especially for Ramadan Afftari, this place is great with your family to go and after here with strong recommendations. Nadeem Buffet adds Pakistani, Chinese, Thai food, Seafood and B.B.Q in lunchtime from 1-00p.m to 4-00p.m. Same menu for Dinner Buffet from 7-00p.m to 9-00p.m and then from 9-3-p.m to 11-30p.m. Nadeem Buffet includes in its Hi-Tea menu as Appetizers, Pakistani, Chinese, B.B.Q with Continental food.

843-C Faisal Town

Lahore, Pakistan.

Tel: (92-42) 3-517-1243



Variety of Turkish food at an affordable price then, this restaurant is good for having a Turkish meal here. Presentation of Turkish cuisine is the best with premium Turkish Taste here. Friendly environment for a family and Co-workers for having a meal here. Turkish Restaurant offers premium Turkish delicacies with perfect presentation at affordable prices and desserts are awesome. In its Beverages, Black coffee offers a right taste according to Turkish taste buds. Turkish Restaurant is famous for beverages, seafood, dessert with all in Turkish taste. Its Doer Platter, Chicken Doner, Chicken Platter, Adana Kabab Platter is more demanding items in it.

102 M.M Alam Road

Gulberg III.

Lahore, Pakistan.

Tel: (92-42) 3-578-5773, 3-578-5774

Butt Karahi

butt karahi

If you are looking for full Pakistani spicy karahi type meal then Butt Karahi is the perfect match for you. Desi food with the new luxurious environment is a perfect match for foodies in Lahore. It has many branches in Lahore, you can visit any of them for spicy and delicious Karahi. Butt Karahi menu includes Mutton karahi, Mutton white Karahi, Chicken Karhai Desi, Chicken White Karahi, Garlic Karahi, Meethi Karahi. Chicken Achari Karahi with various Handi variety as well BBQ also. 

Saffan wala chowk، 17 Temple Rd, Mozang Chungi, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Tel: (042) 37234747

Bundu Khan

bundu khan

Bundu Khan is the newest traditional restaurant of Lahore which provides a perfect family dine-in environment with sweets & bakers too. It has many branches in Lahore, you can visit any from them and have a delightful breakfast, lunch and dinner from here with your family, friends and Co-workers too. Bundu Khan is mostly famous for its Family soup variety which adds Hot & Sour Soup, Chicken Corn Soup, Bundu Khan Special Soup (Family). As well it includes specialities of Chicken Shashlik, Chicken Jalfrezi, Zafrani Mutton leg with various Karahi cuisine. Bundu Khan adds in its desserts Bundu Khan special Halwa, Coconut Lover Special, Gulab Jaman, Gajar Halwa, Petha Halwa, Rasmalai.

19 Main Blvd, Block N Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab

Tel: (042) 35316011

Savour Foods Lahore

savour foods

If you are looking for a family restaurant of delicious food with reasonable price and friendly environment then Savour food is perfect for you. This restaurant provides a perfect meal for a person with its flavourful taste. Mostly it is famous for its Pulao Kabab, Chicken Pulao, Chicken Roast, Chicken Piece, Shami Kabab per Dozen. Savour Foods includes in its desserts Zarda, Kheer and in Krispo adds Chunky Deal having Krispo Broast, Chicken piece, French Fries with cold drinks in it, as well in drinks & beverages you can get Sabaz Qehwa, Tea, Milk Coffee, Fountain fresh. You can also get fast food too from here.

Ferozpur Road, Shama Chowk Shadman Road، near Naz Hospital Link،

Shershah Colony Lahore, Punjab 54000

Tel: (042) 37422635

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