What is vehicle tracking?

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As obvious as the name is, Car Tracker Company allows you to track vehicles in real time as
one of the most basic features. Other features include driver behavior analysis, vehicle
maintenance reminders and driving history along with facilitating fuel management and
dispatch. The system sends notifications and alerts to prevent theft and also provides reports
with detailed analysis. Several other functions are also possible depending on the fleet
management solution.

What is the difference between passive and active tracking?

Historically, vehicle tracking systems could be classified into two categories; namely, active and
passive. Active systems collect and send information in real time, while passive systems collect
and store all data that will be made available for later retrieval. Nevertheless, some tracking
systems can have both active and passive tracking.

When a mobile signal is not available, the information is stored on the device and sent
whenever possible. Passive tracking systems are a cheaper option while being fully adequate
for some businesses.

Fleet management is no child’s play. It is a task with a great responsibility far beyond keeping
watch over a fleet of cars or trucks. You need to know the real-time location, the speed of the
vehicle, when and where it stopped and how long and much more. Thanks to technological
advances, vehicle tracking systems are able to easily perform tasks assigned to fleet managers.

Benefits of using a vehicle tracking system

Many people ask us how implementing a vehicle tracking system can benefit fleet management.
Why should it be used and what are its benefits?
To answer that: there are many benefits! From cost savings and insurance rebates to improved
employee and fleet safety and customer service, there are so many benefits that a vehicle
tracking system brings.

Vehicle maintenance:

Having a vehicle tracking system will alert you when the car needs maintenance. This ensures
that all vehicle servicing needs are up to date and minimizes unforeseen costs and repairs.

Employee tracking:

A vehicle tracking system monitors not only the vehicle but also the driver. The system provides
a live card that is updated almost instantly. With modern tracking software, you can also receive
alerts every time your employee or driver commits any behavior that is not in accordance with
e.g. Sudden braking, speeding, cornering, etc. With such accurate data, you can easily check
every driver and how strictly they follow company procedures and road laws.

Reduced downtime:

This system helps you find efficient routes, which increases productivity by reducing downtime.
With delivery companies, it helps to ensure that all deliveries are made on time, while reducing
fuel costs. Therefore, your reputation also improves along with overhead expenses.

Improved security:

If you know the location of your company car in real time, you can check if it is a safe place or
not. Car Tracker in Lahore have an SOS button that the driver can press if they are stuck
somewhere and need help. The button immediately sends a warning to the fleet leader, who can
then send assistance as soon as possible. If the manager knows the location of the vehicle in
real time, they also know which vehicle to send for the emergency.

Active tracking:

Once you have access to the location of each vehicle in real time, you can easily track all your
assets. If they are lost or stolen, they can be retrieved immediately. In addition, aspects such as
vehicle temperature, engine oil, fuel level and so on can also be monitored with some systems.

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