What is Torrent How It Works? – How to download Movies from uTorrent?

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The torrent may seem simple when you use it for a long time, but right now, a lot of my friends hear about it and don’t know what a “torrent” is and find it very difficult to download one. I also had a bit of trouble at the beginning to understand the trick a bit, so I told myself that I had to share this with you because you can’t download files from the internet without knowing the platform!

Well, to start we will explain what a torrent is and how it works.

The torrent file containing information on which servers to connect to download our file (video, audio, image, compressed file, executable …), and it ends with a nice freshly downloaded file on your computer. It’s simple.

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To be a little more precise, when we download a file via their protocol, we do not connect to a single server, but to several servers where our film is cut (or not) for example, and that is why this the download method is rather fast since the servers to which we connect are not too busy. In fact, in general, when we download a file, we upload it at the same time (we also become a server) hence a large number of available servers. This last point can be a disadvantage for some because the bandwidth increases etc., but it is precisely on this that the torrent is based and what allows a fast download as explained above. To better understand the system,

Now that the presentations are made, we will focus on how to download a torrent. Obviously, I want to clarify that this article is not intended to give the keys to practice illegal downloading. I am here only presenting a file-sharing system. Even though torrenting is and has been used a lot for this practice, torrenting is not just that. It is, therefore, up to everyone to use this tool by the law to which they are subject.

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Contrary to what you might think, a torrent is very easy to download, it’s just that it’s a bit different than what you are used to seeing with sites like mega, uptobox… who use direct download (direct download, from a single server, by clicking on a link).

The thing that differs is that you have to use an app to download a torrent, but don’t worry, this software is available on all platforms (Linux, windows, mac os x, and even android and ios like you).

How µTorrent works?

There is a transmission, µTorrent (the software), uTorrent, and dozens of others; it’s up to you, I use Transmission, the µTorrent client pre-installed on ubuntu. Is your choice made? Ok, we can move on. We will get to the heart of the matter, download mysterious files!

As we talked about earlier, we must first download a. The torrent file containing server information, to then access our movie, pdf file, music, image… To find a file I’ll leave it to you to fend for yourself; there are thousands of them on the internet with a search of the type “free movies torrent download.”

We end up with our Torrent file on our computer, it only weighs a few kb.

We open this small file with our µTorrent client that we just installed.

We set two or three little things like which files we are going to download (indeed, a torrent can contain several data like the episodes of an entire season of a series). And if you choose to download several, you can also set the download priority, which is which file will be downloaded first.

And now, we just have to start the download! Problems? Do not hesitate to talk about it in the comments! 🙂

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