Top 5 WordPress Development Companies in the World

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Top 5 WordPress Development Companies in the World

Are you looking to build a website for your business? Why not try WordPress.

For eCommerce enthusiasts, bloggers, traditional businesses looking to go digital, and many others, the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is a land of limitless opportunity.

With WordPress, you can build your site the way you want to.

From creating a casual blog to a full-fledged wholesale eCommerce store, WordPress has plenty of plugins, extensions, and functionalities that support the voice of your brand and ensures that it’s heard throughout the digital sphere.

While easy-to-use, there will come a time where you would need a niche-specific functionality that isn’t found within the already available plugins. That would be the point where you would require expert support. In simple words, you’re going to have to hire a WordPress developer. 

Because WordPress is such a popular platform, the number of individuals and agencies providing WordPress development services are endless. As a business owner, you want to hire someone, but at the same, you don’t want to get ripped-off by a shady company that delivers poor-results.

Because of the global nature of the internet, you can hire developers from anywhere in the world. That said, there are always industry leaders that provide the best services out there. This article aims to discuss the services provided by five of those leaders in the WordPress world.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.


1. WordPrax

No discussion of the best WordPress developers can ever be complete without the mention of WordPrax.

Their team consists of technically sound developers, designers, and business consultants. Their client base consists of both big enterprises as well as smaller startups. Not only do they provide them with bespoke development and design solutions, but also help them make crucial business decisions.

Their processes, from client on-boarding to eventual delivery, helps their customers stay ahead of their digital competitors.

WordPrax provides a variety of WordPress-specific services ranging from WordPress Development to designing user interfaces, plugin development, customizing themes, as well as PSD to WordPress conversion services.

WordPrax on Clutch.

2. BlueFountain Media

Another New York-based WP development company that provides excellent service quality is BlueFountain Media.

The best part about this company is the way it utilizes the open-source nature of WordPress to develop not only regular websites but also eCommerce stores for all sorts of industries. Their dedication to their line of work is perhaps best exemplified in the way they conduct their business operations.

With BlueFountation, every project is a special one. Regardless of the complexity, their deliverables add-value to each of their clients’ businesses.

Due to this, over time, they have developed a long-withstanding relationship with not only existing clients but have also seen their fair share of new clients.

BlueFountain Media on Clutch.

3. Codup

An underdog, but a prime contender nonetheless, (formerly is a WP dev company based in Karachi, Pakistan. What started as a garage venture has now transformed into a WordPress development company that’s catered to thousands of clients worldwide.

What’s interesting about this company is its adherence to international development standards and superior customer service. Their business consultants are well-read; in that, they focus on WP trends, news, and the latest developments, and then cater to clients based on that information. It ensures that they deliver a product that’s not only following WordPress standards but is also stable and secure.


Codup’s obsession with WordPress is so much that over the years, it has developed a wide range of free and paid plugins for both the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms.

Covering a myriad of services, from WooCommerce development (B2B and B2C) to plugin development, theme customization, membership development, and many others, Codup has catered to clients adequately, and have managed their reputation well. on Clutch.

4. Exygy

When it comes to professional WordPress services, Exygy is one name that we’ve frequently heard about for all the right reasons.

Exygy is a company emphasizing custom WordPress web development solutions, a service that they’ve been developing expertise in since 2006. With a highly skilled team of developers, their deliverables consist of high-quality work that follows the best development practices and modern trends.

Their modus operandi is simple: with high quality and a customer-first approach, they have developed a range of loyal customers that heavily vouch for their services.

Their team of WP developers ensures that they give a hundred per cent with their services.

Exygy on Clutch.

5. IPIX Tech Services Pvt.Ltd

Last but not least, we have IPIX Tech Services, one of the significant leaders in the WP Development services industry.

Not only does this company provide WordPress solutions for a variety of different clients, but it also takes things one step further by providing various digital marketing services as well. As we know, a good website goes hand in hand with a site optimized for search engines, so it’s a rather excellent service that complements their primary functions.

An international company, with offices in the UAE, the US, and India, the company provides a wide range of services ranging from WordPress design, development, plugin development, theme development and customization, among many others.

Their level of service is top-tier and focuses on meeting the clients’ needs exactly how they want them done.

IPIX Tech Services Pvt.Ltd on Clutch.

 Final Words:

Now that you know about the top companies in the WP development service industry, what’s the next step?

Well, the first thing you would want to do to ascertain the positioning of these companies is to visit the Clutch links to get an overview of their services. If you’re strapped for time, then you should take a look at the number of 5-star reviews they have accumulated for their services.

Afterwards, you can go onto their websites to see how they work and get an in-depth look at their services and pricing information.

Why do we recommend this practice?

Because even if you’re not inclined to go for these companies, seeing their performance will give you a general idea of what you might want to look for in a potential developer or an agency.


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