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At a time when billions of people around the world have been confined to homes to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading, the rate of video calls has increased dramatically.

But this has benefited the most from a video calling app Zoom and less traffic to Microsoft’s Product Skype section.

However, Skype has been providing audio and video calling since the introduction of smartphones.

Zoom has recently gained popularity because it has a sharing meeting feature, while it is very easy to use, in fact somewhat simpler, resulting in greater security flaws.

But Skype decided to retaliate with a feature called Matt Now.

According to the company, through this feature, one can share a free meeting with just 3 clicks and best of all, the host or host does not even need to install Skype.

This can be taken advantage of by having a free conference call on the website, after which people can be invited via a link or share button.

People who are invited will be able to open the call directly in the application if they have Skype installed, if not then it will be possible to be part of the call on the web client in Chrome or on any browser.

The feature was confirmed to users via a tweet from Skype.

By the way, this is not a new feature but it is providing more convenience to users by eliminating the need for signup or installation.

Microsoft said this week that 4 million people are now using Skype daily, and that number is 70% higher than last month.

According to the company, Skype to Skype calls have increased by 220% while the number of subscribers has increased by over 20 million in the last 6 months.

Microsoft Vice President Yusuf Mehdi said staying in touch with his loved ones was never as important as it is now.

He said that with the recent introduction of Skype to featureMateNow, people have access to video meetings on web browsers, which do not even require other people to sign up or download software.

During the outbreak worldwide, Internet access from millions of people limited to homes has increased, with most working from home, while others are using it as a way to connect with their loved ones.

In addition, the use of streaming services has increased so that people can spend time.

In this regard, YouTube has announced that the default resolution of videos worldwide will be low and will be followed for a month.

A Google spokeswoman said that we would work with governments and network operators around the world to minimize pressure on the Internet in this situation.

Earlier, Netflix also reduced streaming quality in Europe by 25%, while Apple and Amazon did so in Europe.

Netflix has done so in several countries, including Pakistan.

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