Role of Computer In Our Daily life

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Computer invention was a very big change in the world. The entire world gradually converted from pages to Computer. And nowadays u can see that every person using computer mobiles and many other things which are connected to Technology. You can see that our education is also converted into computers like books are converted into pdf hard copies converted into soft copies. Each and everything is now based on computer expect nature.

Role of Computers in Fields 

• Education Field 
• Business 
• Hospitals 
• Banking
• Marketing 
• Home
• Airports

Education Field

In Education Field, the computer is very important to find new things to find new names of deceases to find new technologies and find many other things. The computer gives us a very important role in our education fields.


We can start our business online. We can see different businesses according to our business to see the result of participants to see the demands of the public and many other things.we can watch different videos related to our business. we can search for things according to our business.


In hospitals, doctors need a computer to access their patients’ data. In hospitals, doctors see the results of there patients at computers. In hospitals, the computer gives them very good benefits like handling a patient’s data handling cameras handling machines and handle many other things.


In Banks, u can see that there are branches of the same name of banks like hbl and many. How they handle there clients their peoples their things there data think that how they manage they are just managing these things with computers they connect their computers with other computers and then they all are connected with networks that’s how they can manage and computer give them benefits like that. The computer is a very important part of every field.


In a marketing computer, it is very useful nowadays because people want to achieve and get there things on the internet they don’t want to go to the shops to purchase things they just type a word according to their demand and just set the things and purchase it via the internet using the computer.


At home, you want to connect with your friends to do fun and want to talk with them and making plans to do the party. So how your wishes come true there is a computer who completes your all wishes you want a portion of food so there is a computer to do a particular job for you to purchase and many other things you want computer give you a result about that.


At airports, Computer is very useful to do a job like setting tickets handling planes and also handling the data of the employees and also peoples who set the tickets purchase tickets and other things. The computer is useful at airports to scanning a person or also scanning their things and computers also operate machines at the airport.

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