Lean Six Sigma Pros and Cons

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Now, Lean Six Sigma can be a little overwhelming for a beginner. So, if you are someone who is willing to start a journey as a Lean Six Sigma Expert, then you must weigh the pros and the cons. Lean Six Sigma is an extensive subject that helps organizations track their growth and enhance their production with the same amount of resources.

In this article let’s have a close look at what exactly are the merits and demerits of being a Lean Six Sigma professional and taking the Lean Six Sigma certification program. So, let’s go:

Pros of Lean Six Sigma

For companies, Lean Six Sigma has proven to be the best tool in tracking substantial growth. Its principles and methodologies have a positive effect on the numbers of the company. Here’s how it benefits it-

  • It ensures customer loyalty: Now, the best way for a company to excel is by creating a customer base that is loyal. With the Quality management systems provided by Lean Six Sigma, the product that is delivered every time is consistent and thus, it creates a loyal group of recurring customers for the company and the product.
  • They manage time better: When it comes to production and delivery of the product, it is integral that it takes place on time. Lean Six Sigma helps in keeping a track of time. The professionals ensure that everything works smoothly and on time. It is known to improve the efficiency of the process for up to 30%.
  • Reduced Cycle time: Lean Six Sigma methodology focuses on cohesive and simultaneous working of nearly all the departments that are involved in the process of production. Thus, it works more efficiently and rapidly. In some of the cases, the Lean Six Sigma methodologies have been proven to reduce the cycle time by up to 35%.
  • Motivated Employees: Lean Six Sigma believes that in order to get the most out of anybody is by making him work for a purpose and thus, they involve the employees in the process by providing them the vision of the company. Thus, the company benefits from this as the employees can complete more work in this case.
  • It provides a Strategy: Now, companies often experience losses due to improper management of resources. However, Lean Six Sigma Experts helps organizations like these to put their resources in the correct place. This strategic planning is the basic step for the growth of the company or moreover substantial growth for the company.
  • Better Supply chain management: for timely delivery and continuous process, it is essential that every department should work cohesively. With tools like Kanban and more, Lean Six Sigma Methodologies are of extreme help in this case. They help companies and organizations to run their supply chain in a better way.

      And the list goes on. But these are some of the primary or rather fundamental benefits of Applying Lean Six Sigma Methodologies for the companies’ production process.

Cons of Lean Six Sigma

It can be a little costly to implement: Lean Six Sigma requires the recruitment of the entire Lean Six Sigma expert’s team. This requires a lot of revenue in the long run. Thus, implementing Lean Six Sigma can be a little on the higher side of the pricing end of any company.

And this is pretty much it.

How can you become a Lean Six Sigma expert yourself?

Well, if you have made up your mind and are considering being a Lean Six Sigma Expert, you are at the right place. Simplilearn offers a Post Graduate program in Lean Six Sigma. This Lean Six Sigma certification program is presented in association with the Harvard business education publishing and Isenberg, UMass Amherst; it is ranked #3 as the best MBA worldwide. So, you will be dealing with experts.

To be eligible for the post graduate course from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, you need a bachelor’s degree, and at least a five year work experience. If you have a programming background then it could be an added bonus, however, you can take up this course if you are not a programmer too. So, you need not worry. As for the admission process, it is quite simple; you need to fill the online application form that is available on the website. Based on that, Admission panels will shortlist you and send you a letter of acceptance. You can then enroll yourself in by paying the fee and voila you are in.  

This course has a duration of 6 months and in these six months; you will be taken to the subject of Lean Six Sigma from module to module in great detail. They will provide you with an insight on what exactly Lean six Sigma is and what are its founding principles in the theory lectures. Apart from that you will have to work on real time projects. These projects will help you understand how the Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies are applied in order to carry out the production process in companies and organizations. You will also have to appear for tests too. Since this is an online boot camp, you will get an opportunity to learn from the Lean Six Sigma industry experts, you get to interact with them too.   

So, what are you waiting for? A new door full of opportunities is waiting for you. All you need to do is enroll for the Simplilearn’s Lean Six Sigma certification program and voila! You will qualify as a Lean Six Sigma Expert post its completion. Now, that you know the Pros and the cons we know you would make the right decision. If you have already made it, then this is the right time to take action.

Don’t forget about all the added bonuses that come along with this program. University of Massachusetts is waiting to welcome you onboard via this Lean Six Sigma certification program. Visit the website today to know more about the program in detail.

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