Iphone 14 Likely to Feature Major Security Features

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There are reports that the American computer and mobile technology company Apple will introduce computers and tablets, including its iPhone, by next week, and this time there is a possibility of major changes in the phones introduced by the company.

It is reported that the company has changed the phone’s design for the first time since 2017, and this time, not only the display but also the design of the back side, including the cover of the phone, has been changed.

According to reports, the placement of the rear side cameras has been improved; from a distance, it appears to be a single camera.

Apart from this, the phone’s camera is also likely to be given a lot of security features by making major changes.

According to a recent report by ‘Nine to Five Mac’, the software and operating system have also been upgraded by making major security changes in the Apple iPhone.

The report said that the iPhone 14 also has features that the phone will notify the user when any app in the mobile will use the mobile’s camera or microphone.

According to the report, a green light will appear on the phone’s screen when an app uses the phone’s camera, while an orange light will appear when an app uses the microphone.

The report stated that even if applications use the microphone and camera simultaneously, the phone will simultaneously display both lights on the screen.

Earlier, the phone would display a single light whenever any app ran.

It is unknown if the features stated above will allow the phone to detect which app is using the camera or microphone.

Earlier, there were reports that the company would also upgrade the selfie camera in the iPhone 14 to a higher megapixel camera.

In the iPhone 13, the company gave a 12-megapixel selfie camera.

There are also reports that the company will offer four iPhone modules this time, and the iPhone 14 mini, i.e., smaller and slightly cheaper mobiles, will not be introduced.

So far, Apple has launched its mobile as the iPhone mini with smaller screens and fewer features. Still, the sales of its mini phones were not encouraging last time, which led to the company’s There is a possibility that such phones will not be offered this time.

According to rumors, the iPhone 14 will start at $1200 and go up to $1800, likely costing between 260 and 3 lakh 85 thousand Pakistani rupees.

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