How to Remove Google Account from Android/IOS Device?

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Removing Google account from any device doesn’t mean the same thing as deleting it. Removing the account only means that you have no access to the application form that device and only your contacts, emails, passwords, and whatever information that is stored on that device is lost.

But you can have access to your Google account from other devices where you have been logged in.

Why There is a Need to Remove Google Account?

There are several possibilities:

  • You are changing your phone, so you don’t need access to your account from that device
  • Your phone has been snatched, and you want to block your account.

How to Remove Google Account from Your Android Device:

Android device users can remove their Google account from the device.

Here’s how you guys can do it:

  1. Open your device settings and tap on accounts it may be written as accounts/ users/ accounts and sync depending upon the device model.
  2. Pick the Google account you want from your device to be removed and click remove the account.
  3. If you’re trying to remove Google account from your android device, then Google asks for your security pin/ password to assure that you are their user.

By removing your Google account, you won’t be having access to any Google linked apps, i.e. Play store.

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How to Remove Google Account from Your IOS Device:

For Apple users, the removal of their Google account depends upon the factor of how they have had access to their account, i.e. either via (Gmail, Safari, or Mail app).

Here I’m discussing the Gmail Application.

If you are using the Gmail app, here’s how you’ll be removing your Google account.

  1. Open the Gmail application from your iOS device and select the menu button then choose Manage Accounts which is followed by Edit.
  2. Click Remove Account next to the desired account you want to go and then click on Confirm.
  3. Click Done and voila your Google Account is removed from your device.

You should keep in mind that if you choose to remove all Google accounts from your iOS device, you’ll be automatically signed out from all of your Google accounts from that device.

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