How to Register IDM? Step by Step Guide

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IDM is an Internet Download Manager. This is a computer software tool used to increase internet speed almost up to 5 times. What it does is that it uses multiple links to do parallel downloading. This reduces your time as well as stress to look for a downloadable link for any purpose. This software can use all the available connections to provide you with a better internet downloading speed, and all you have to do is do your work out of any stress!

How to get registered into IDM?

To use this speed increasing software, you have to download and then install it firstly. After which it demands registration from you to keep your work going.

  • For registration in IDM, you need a serial number, which you can purchase from their website.
  • Then open IDM, and move into the registration dialogue box.
  • Click on registration.
  • The email that IDM has sent you contains a serial number, to avoid any mistake while copying the serial number, copy the serial number from your email, and right-clicking on it.
  • In the IDM registration dialogue box, enter your details like name, last name, and email address.
  • In the serial number box, right-click and paste the number you have copied earlier from your email.
  • Click OK, and move forward.
  • After you have done with your registration process, go to the help section, and click about.
  • The word full must be written with your version number.
  • Congratulations! You have registered for your IDM
  • Now you can enjoy your increased internet speed.

How is IDM Beneficial?

IDM is a beneficial internet speed booster as it can multiply your internet speed by five times.

  • It supports all the browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Netscape, etc.
  • It provides an easy downloading with one click and parallels downloading from the best links, which lessens your work.
  • It automatically checks the virus and bugs, which makes the downloads free of any virus or bugs.
  • It is a multilingual software which means it to whichever part of the world you belong speaking or writing whatever language you can search and work on it in your language
  • It is a download speed accelerator that can increase your files’ downloading speed and other work.
  • The built-in schedule helps you to let it connect and disconnect on your favorable times.

Hence, it is suggested and recommended that IDM lessens your work by increasing internet speed.


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