How to Recover deleted photos from Android phones or Memory Card?

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Have you ever accidentally deleted an image on a smartphone or digital camera that caused you trouble?

If yes, you are not the only person who has had this experience so often happens to people and they do not understand how to bring back your memorable photo or pictures.

But be aware that deleting photos on these devices doesn’t end forever, but you can get them back.

You just have to know-how.

Recover with Google Photos

Almost all Android phones have a Google Photos app that helps in storing and sharing photos and videos, it is commonly used on Android phones to back up photos and often take pictures with the camera or Photos from the WhatsApp are stored in Google Photos. This app has a cloud backup feature that ensures the availability of photos even when deleted from the phone’s gallery. For this purpose, open Google Photos and find the images that will be deleted from the phone in the Photos Library and then click on the menu icon and click on Save to Device option.

Google Drive

Google Drive is also a way of protecting images in Android phones, but it can also save other files. Often saving files to Google Drive keeps the images safe, even if accidentally deleted or the device gets lost or damaged. So if you accidentally delete an image from your phone, you can go back to Google Drive to download it.

Recovery Software

Experiencing failure to fetch photos from Google Backup Services? Because it is possible that these images will be deleted from Google Photos or Google Drive, making them more difficult to restore, but there are several apps in the Google Play Store that can help, such as Disk Digger, Deleted. Photo Recovery, Photo Recovery and SoLabRecoverDelete photos are more well known, just download one of these apps and retrieve the deleted files using the mechanism in place, just keep in mind that some Recovery tools may need to root the device for this task, if you have done so before then there is no problem, but if not Vitting can also cause data loss.

How to recover a deleted picture from a memory card?

Recuva is a great app for recovering deleted pictures from memory cards, which is free on Windows 10. Download it, open it, and follow the instructions that came with your card connected to the computer. However, keep in mind that this tool can work as long as the delete image does not overwrite other data, which is a much better strategy to remove the memory card when the photo is deleted.

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