How to Read Deleted Messages on WhatsApp?

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How to Read Deleted Messages on WhatsApp?

Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp is no doubt a very famous free messaging and calling application. In 2020, it has more than 2 billion customers worldwide. WhatsApp added a new feature a while ago, which allows users to un send messages within an hour.

Messages can be deleted in every chat as well as group chat, and the feature is available on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. After deleting the message, it shows “This message was deleted” in the chatbox.

But the question arose here is, how to read deleted messages. There are some applications used to recover those deleted messages and stories too.

But firstly we prefer to keep backup of your WhatsApp account, so you can quickly recover it, and if in some case you can’t back up it then you might use those applications to recover deleted messages.

So, follow these steps to read deleted messages using WhatsRemoved+ App:

  • Download the Application from Google Play Store
  • Install it.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions as prompted messages on the screen
  • Allow access to notifications.
  • Choose WhatsApp from the list of apps to read deleted messages.
  • Now, whenever someone deletes a message sent to you, you’ll get a notification from the App.
  • Open the notification and tap on the “DETECTED” tab to read deleted WhatsApp message, 
  • Now you can read the deleted message even after the sender deletes it.

Along with this WhatsRemoved+ App, there are many other applications too that you can use to recover those deleted messages along with stories.

Here’s another method to read deleted messages with notification history app

  • Download and install the Notification history app from play store.
  • Choose the App and “allow” notification and administrator access.
  • The App will start saving all the notification history.
  • Select the App and “tap” on whatsapp to see all the notification history of WhatsApp
  • Find the contact name or number and tap on that to see that particular notification.

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