How to install Optifine?

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How to install Optifine?

Optifine is one of the most downloaded Minecraft mods. Optifine is the mod launched by the magic launcher. It is downloaded for Minecraft to improve the gaming ability of your computer. Optifine mod has a better performance and enhanced graphics, whether you are online or offline. Anyone can optimize Optifine graphics like if anyone wants to speed up game speed in system, then turn off the graphics. But if anyone prefers a futuristic view, then turn on all mod. This mod is entirely free to use. You need to download and install it.

Here is the most comfortable and most straightforward method to install Optifine mod in your personal computer:

Step1: Download Optifine

Step 2. Open the Optifine Installer

Step 3. Install Optifine

Step 4. Opening Minecraft without Optifine

Download the Optifine:

First, download the Optifine from this link to install it. Otherwise, you can search in Windows Explorer for Minecraft. In this given link, we recommend downloading the ultra package because of additional features in it. Skip ads while download from this link and click on the Keep and Allow to start downloading it. 

Install the Optifine:

Once you’ve downloaded Optifine, open up the Optifine Installer. Right-click on the downloaded file, select ‘open with,’ and then click ‘Java(TM) Platform SE binary.’ click the ‘Install’ button to install a mod. A few minutes after, a box will pop-up that says, “OptiFine is successfully installed.’

Open the Optifine:

Open the standard Minecraft launcher and click on the green button next to the play option. Click on a play option in the version titled Optifine that will appear on your screen. Enjoy your game after a successful installation. 


One thing everyone should remember that the version of Minecraft we have installed is the latest. Because Optifine will not be able to install the old version of Minecraft.

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