How to Download Movies from uTorrent?

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For all the torrents clients, uTorrent is the most popular. But the question is how to use it for downloading movies?

Before starting to download movies from the µTorrent, it must be installed in your system. In this article, we will guide you step by step, how to download movies from this software.

Step 1: uTorrent downloading and installation:

The first step is its installation. Click on the given link and after downloading, install it in your operation system. If you do not know how to install, then double click on the downloaded file and simply follow the instructions.


Step 2: Downloading Movie from uTorrent:

  1. Click on the uTorrent icon and Launch it.
  2. Search for the uTorrent file of the respective movie.

NOTE: You can search on the internet for the best movies of 2019 on uTorrent. Keep in mind that always download from the trusted sites. A large number of fake sites are also shown in search.

  1. Once you searched the uTorrent file, click on the Download link or Download button, to download the uTorrent file.
  2. After clicking the download link, a dialog box will appear. Here click on the OPEN UTORRENT.
  3. As the downloading completed, switched to the completed window option. Now you have 2 options: either double click on the downloaded file to directly watch the movie or right click on the downloaded file and locate the file to copy-paste the downloaded file.

Prioritize Downloads on uTorrent:

If you are going to download multiple movies on uTorrent, then you can also prioritize the downloading sequence.

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