How to Disable Avast Antivirus? Temporarily or Permanent

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Steps to disable Avast antivirus

Form the last few years, Avast virus with same-named antivirus has been breaching the security concerns of vital websites and have been selling such confidential data to third parties including Google, and Microsoft. Various investigations have been carried out against Avast since the users cannot disable the surveillance of their activities.

You can partially or entirely turn off the shield provided by the Avast since it is meant to protect your computers from all the perpetrator invasions or malware installation. But nobody pseudo protections by anything with a risk of being invasion by itself. So, to altogether disable the feature, you will be deprived of all the features given by Avast.

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Following are the steps to permanently disable the Avast:

  • First, through windows taskbar search for the Avast orange icon and right-click “Avast shields control”.
  • They will ask for the duration of disability of the feature. Choose what suits you the most.
  • Select the duration and click to the Yes option to make the changes accordingly.
  • To make sure the feature is disabled, open the main window of Avast. If the window has turned red and it says that all the antivirus shields have been disabled, then it means you have successfully turned it off.

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Avast do protect your PC from a large number of intruders so if you want to get along with it and want to partially disable its features you can do this by following steps:

  1. Similar to the above after opening the Avast app, open the “user interface” and go the “protection” option.
  2. Then click to the “core shields.”
  3. Open the “components” where you will find the list of all sort of shields by Avast.
  4. Choose the protection you want to disable and click on the switcher. You will again be asked for the duration of the turn off the particular shield. Choose whatever suits you.

The last but not the least option to get rid of all the problems regarding security breaches, you can even uninstall the software which will not be recommended at first.

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