How to Change Your IP Address?

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How to Change Your IP Address

When you access the internet, it involves a series of public and private connections between the user devices and networks. By changing your IP address, you can stream your fav programs to resolve your wifi issues.


The IP address is INTERNET PROTOCOL ADDRESS. On the internet, it is the same as having your physical address in real life.


The reasons for changing your IP address mean that either you want to access abroad data blocked by your country or are conscious about online security issues. In both these scenarios, a new and fresh IP always comes handy.


Change Your Location

The easiest option to change an IP address is to change his location because different areas are assigned separate IP addresses.

e.g., your home connection has a different address than your local coffee shop or your workplace.

Reset Your Modem

The second option that comes handy is to reset your device modem. All you have to do is reset your modem and then wait at least a few minutes to switch it back on. After rebooting, its IP address will be changed to a different address, and you only have to make some settings on your computer or device for the connection.

Well, this method has a 50-50 chance that your ISP might give you the same address again. If that happens, leave your modem unplugged overnight to have a different result.

Ask your ISP to change your IP address

Another option is to ask your ISP for a new IP address. Most internet service providers use dynamic IP addresses. It means that it can be changed as the device either reconnect or disconnects from the internet, so to overcome this issue, you have to pay extra for a static IP address that doesn’t get changed unless you do so manually.

Use a VPN

Another easy way to change your IP address is to hide your public IP address using a VPN. A VPN will provide you with an anonymous connection to the internet. The VPN allows you to remain in your current location, but you’ll be shown online from a different place when browsing the internet.


NO, someone who doesn’t have access to your modem connection cannot change your IP address.

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