How to Change Facebook Page Name?

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Sometimes admin needs to change its Facebook Page name. In the early days, Facebook didn’t allow us to improve the page name, but now, Facebook offers to change page name with unlimited times but with some terms & conditions.

Facebook holds two names as a generic name and page name, and you can change them by following some necessary steps and with some terms & conditions. Such as you should be an admin of the page and with some other terms to change the name of the Facebook page. Once you decided to change your Facebook Page name, go and follow the methods to improve the Facebook page name.

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name

  1. Edit
  2. New Name
  3. Submit Request
  4. Wait for Update

Follow these steps to change your Facebook Page Name


  1. Click on the About of your Facebook Page
  2. Select Edit on your Facebook Page

New Name:

  1. Enter a new name into the Account Name box
  2. Confirm all the rules of Name change in Facebook

Here are some Do’s & Don’ts:

  • Do make sure your name
  • Do avoid misleading terms or words.
  • Don’t choose words that can be discriminatory, violating, or abusive.
  • Don’t use any variation of “Facebook” in the page name.
  • Don’t add company motto in your name.
  • Don’t use random capitalization.


  1. Make sure type name correctly, that you want

Submit Request:

  1. After confirming Facebook New name
  2. Click on Continue to confirm the Facebook Name Change Request

Wait for Update:

  1. After submitting the request, wait for the Facebook Page name change approval.
  2. Sometimes, it may take 2 to 3 days to change the Facebook page.
  3. There’s no limit to change your Facebook page name but wait for only seven days to change it again.

If Facebook page name doesn’t change

Here are a few reasons for that:

  • The Facebook page name will change under three days maximum.
  • If your page doesn’t fulfill all terms of Facebook, then it’ll never change
  • With 200+ likes, you can change your Facebook page name as an admin.
  • You can change your Facebook page name after seven days of changing the previous name.

For Further Details visit Facebook Help Center.

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