How to Block Notifications on Chrome?

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Notifications from Chrome are one of the modern features. Such as you can set up Google Chrome to get notifications, like YouTube video pop-up, meeting reminders, from websites, apps, and extensions.

But sometimes it looks overwhelming to you, and you want to get rid of the site notification. With the right extensions, you can block all site notifications on Google Chrome and get rid of all other irritating sites. Just use these simple and easy methods, but that doesn’t stop sites from requesting you to let them send push notifications to your Google Chrome or another browser.

Follow these methods to block notification on Google Chrome:

Allow or block notifications from all sites

  • Open the Google Chrome app from your PC, Laptop, Phone, or Tablet
  • Click on the right of the address bar in Chrome
  • Click on More and then select Settings.
  • Click on the Site Settings and then click on the Notifications.
  • On the top, Select the choice between the setting on or off.

To allow lower notification pop-up, click Use lower messaging (blocks notification prompts from interrupting you).

Then you won’t get any notifications after you overlook several notifications from a site, or if other users typically don’t allow notifications from a site.

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Allow or block notifications from some sites

  • Open the Google Chrome app from your PC, Laptop, Phone, or Tablet
  • Go to the particular site from where you don’t want to get notifications on Chrome.
  • Click on the More and then select Info Information in the right of the address bar,
  • Click on the Site Settings and then choose on the Notifications.
  • If there’s no setting option here, then you won’t get any notification from the site.
  • Select the choice between Allow or Block.

You can repeat this method for any sites or services you want to stop receiving Google Chrome notification.

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