How is Facebook discouraging Corona’s misinformation in Pakistan?

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Facebook recently introduced a new tool for campaigning against fake news and misinformation,
 If a user likes or comments on any false information or fake news regarding this virus or the disease caused by it, it will be warned.

But at the same time, Facebook has taken a number of steps to provide accurate information about the coronavirus to people in Pakistan, including cooperation with Pakistan’s National Institutes of Health, including the World Health Organization.

The first results of a search by Facebook for anyone searching for information about the virus on Facebook and Instagram include details of Pakistan’s National Health Organization, including the World Health Organization, and prominent organizations working in the health sector. Has also introduced pre-display features.

In other words, whenever anything related to Corona is searched by a Facebook user in Pakistan, Facebook’s artificial system will first alert the user to the World Health Organization, then to the National Institutes of Health of Pakistan and then to Pakistan or globally. The provider will provide information about an organization or institution related to health.

Facebook has partnered with Pakistan’s Ministry of National Health, WHO, and UNICEF to provide accurate information on the coronavirus for these features.


Similarly, Facebook has temporarily banned advertising and commerce listings around the world, including in Pakistan, that sell medical equipment.

In other words, Facebook has banned the advertising of unauthorized organizations selling medical equipment, including sanitizers and face masks, and is also helping governments disseminate messages from government agencies about health.

According to the Facebook administration, it is committed to stopping the spread of all kinds of misinformation about the coronavirus in Pakistan and is working with local and international health organizations to make society healthier.

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