The 10 Best Features to be Introduced this Year in the WhatsApp

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WhatsApp uses over one and a half billion people a month worldwide and is the world’s most popular messaging app. This app lets people stay in touch with their friends and family in the form of group videos or voice chat. That is why it is constantly introducing new features in the Android and iOS versions to improve the user experience while people spend more time in it.
This year, there are several features out of which 10 are (so far) the best features.

Group Invitations System

Just in the past, the WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that gives them more control over groups and cannot be added to a group without their choice. To use this feature, open the WhatsApp app and click on the 3 dot menu on the top right, go to the settings menu and select Privacy, then go to Privacy and Groups option.
There are 3 options in front of you, Avery One, MyContacts, and MyContactException. Selecting Everyone will mean that anyone can add a user to the WhatsApp group. With the option called MyContacts, the people in this user’s contacts will be able to make it part of a group, while MyContextException allows you to blacklist specific people that you add to different groups.
People that you will not be allowed to add to the group will be able to send invitations to the private chat that you wish to accept or reject, otherwise they will expire automatically after 3 days.

Fingerprint lock

While iOS introduced earlier this year, Android introduced a fingerprint sensor in Lock a few weeks ago that aims to provide more protection for users’ accounts. Under this feature, no one will be able to access the WhatsApp account of the user until the account holder is locked by fingerprint.
To use this feature, go to WhatsApp Settings and go to Actions and then Privacy option. At the bottom, you will see the Fingerprint Lock option, click on it to turn on the Locked Fingerprint option.
Then the fingerprint entry will be confirmed in the Android phone, while the user will also be given a time option after which the application will be locked automatically, which will be exactly like the screen lock of the phone for a minute or 30. Of minutes. It is possible to answer calls on the WhatsApp even when the app is locked.

Forward label

WhatsApp has taken considerable steps over the past year to prevent fraudulent news and rumors, such as forwarding messages and setting them to 5. In this regard, the WhatsApp introduced a new feature this year that lets users see how many times a message has been forwarded. When the message is forwarded more than 5 times, a new forward icon will also be created on this message.
Basically, how often a message is forwarded, the user will be able to see the last time it is forwarded to a friend and the limit is up to 4 times, then 2 arrows or arrows behind the word forwarded on the message. Which means it has been forwarded 5 or more times. The recipient of the message may not see how many times it has been forwarded, but if 2 arrows are replaced by one arrow, it will indicate that it has been forwarded 5 or more times.

Conversational Voice Messages

Prior to this feature, if a friend sent you multiple audio messages, you would have to listen to each message separately but in this feature, you will be able to listen to all the audio messages simultaneously. By the way, this is a minor update, but it is now much easier to listen to multiple audio messages at once.

A private group reply message

This is also the case when a user wants to talk in private to another member of the group. By the way, it is possible to reply to a group message by long pressing on a specific message, but this is a message that is visible to everyone in the group. But WhatsApp quietly introduced the private reply feature in group chat this year.
To try out this feature, open a group chat on the WhatsApp and hold down a message for a while. If you are using an iPhone, a message pops up in the message that appears by clicking on the Peacock option and then clicking on reply privately you can send a message to the user who will see it.
On an Android smartphone, pressing and holding down a certain message will appear at the top of the menu screen where you can click on the three dots and select the Replay Private option. When you select this option, a private chat window will open, while a reply message will also appear above your response so that others can understand what you are talking about.
In the past, someone in the group had to go out of the group chat and search for this contact if that was your passwords.

WhatsApp status sharing in other apps

The feature has been in operation since June this year and was introduced in September, after which users can share WhatsApp status as a Facebook store, but WhatsApp status has been updated in a number of other apps, including Instagram, Google Photos. It can be updated.

Make calls with Google Assistant

On WhatsApp, you can make an audio or video call to a Google Assistant on your smartphone. All you need to say is ‘Google WhatsApp Video Dawn (Friend’s Name) or Google WhatsApp Call Don’. Previously, an audio call to a Google Assistant was only possible on a network dialer while a video call could also be made to Google’s own hangout or do service.
But the addition of the WhatsApp has made it very easy for millions of people around the world to contact anyone on WhatsApp.

Compose message by voice

In this feature called WhatsApp Detect, you do not have to type a message but get help with the language and of course, but yes you must press the send button. This feature is also available in Google Assistant and Apple’s Digital Assistant Surrey, but now WhatsApp has built it into its app.
This allows users to compose their message directly in the app with a new mic icon that is present on the keyboard. To use it, open the WhatsApp app and open the chat window of the contact you want to send the message to. Now open the keyboard that WhatsApp uses to type the message, there will be a black mic icon on the right.
This message would be almost exactly typed in Roman Urdu while in English there is no problem, as well as a comma? And just say their words for a full stop, they will come by themselves.

Sending up to 30 audio files at a time

The feature was introduced by the company with a new user interface that allows users to send up to 30 audio files simultaneously, it also supports feature audio and image previews (if album art is available) and a selection. Without affecting the process.

Hiding mute status

Like these Facebook followers, the WhatsApp is introducing the Hide Mute Status feature, which will be hiding its status feed instead of simply blocking a content, this feature is currently in beta version.

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