How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft, the 2023 Guide

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One of the most important locations in the game is the End portal. But unlike the other buildings in the game, most players want a hint when we discuss how it was created.

The End Portal or End Portal in Minecraft is one of the main keys to the Survival mode of this game. With it, you can reach the end of the adventure and finish off the last enemy of all: the Enderdragon. But finding the portal is not easy, at least if you don’t know the steps to follow. That is why we will offer you a helping hand with this guide that explains how to find the End Portal in Minecraft easily and quickly.

To find the End gateway in Minecraft, people use speedrun seeds. But by demonstrating how to build an End gateway in Minecraft, we’ll change that. This guide covers all you need to know about portals, from building your unique one to using an end portal as a mode of transit. There’s no use in wasting time, even though it’s unlike anything you’ve ever built.

What is the End Portal for?

The purpose of the End Portal or Portal of the End is very clear. When you activate it, you can enter through it and reach the third world of Minecraft, the End. In this place, there is only one objective to carry out, fight the Enderdragon to pass the game. But before you go after him, you have to stay here.

Next, we will explain how the End Portal or End Portal is found and how it is activated in Survival Mode. Because no, this one, unlike the Nether Portal, is not crafted or built, it has to be found and activated following a few special steps. Of course, we anticipate that you will need a lot of patience and fight a lot.

End Portal in Minecraft

end portal

The End Portal in Minecraft is a doorway to the End Dimension, just like the Nether Portal. The Ender dragon, the final boss in the game, can only be found here. In contrast to the Nether portal, the Ender portal is known to form beneath the Stronghold building in the Overworld spontaneously. Finding a Stronghold is the first step in Minecraft to getting to the End. Once found, the portal can be opened by placing all 12 Eyes of Ender within the building. If the gateway isn’t opened, it has no use.

Items Needed to Make Minecraft End Portal

In Minecraft, an End gateway can be created using just two resources:

How to Make the Eyes of Ender

An End Portal has a square hollow shape with a row of three End portal frames along its four sides. The blank 9×9 square in the middle contains no material. The lack of access to End portal frames outside of creative mode and the use of commands prevents the manual construction of an Ender portal in any other game mode.

On the other hand, the Eyes of Ender can be crafted at any time by combining Ender pearls and flame dust at a crafting table. Shortly, we will release comprehensive instructions on how to create and utilize the Eyes of Ender. We recommend using commands or the revamped creative inventory (introduced in Minecraft 1.20) for the time being.

Here is the video guide to make the Eye of Ender in Minecraft:

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How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft

Now that you have all the materials, here’s how to construct an End portal in Minecraft:

  • Start by constructing two parallel rows, each containing three End portal frames. Be sure to space the rows apart by three blocks while you do this.
  • Then, build two more parallel rows of three End portal frames, one on either side of the original rows. In doing so, they will leave a gap of three blocks between the completed End portal and the surrounding square.
  • The next step is to right-click or press the secondary action key to position the Eyes of Ender in all gateway frames.

Here is the video guide to making an End Portal in Minecraft:

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How to Activate an End Portal in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, even having all the Eyes of Ender in place, the manual End portal isn’t activated automatically in certain versions of Minecraft. However, Minecraft commands will help you out. Here is how you can create a portal to another realm with the End portal.

  • To begin using coordinates in your Minecraft environment, you must first activate them. Activating a switch in the Bedrock edition’s global settings is required. To view the coordinates, all Java Edition users have to do is press the F3 key.
  • Its coordinates can then be found by traveling to any of the four cardinal directions of the main portal region (A B)
  • Then, please move to the opposite corner and record its location (X Y Z).
  • Last, the following command will activate the End portal in Minecraft and fill the portal region with the End dimension gateway.

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How to Obtain End Portal Frames

If you want to get the End portal frame in Minecraft, here’s how:

  • You must activate cheats in your game world first. Select “Activate Cheats” from the pause menu to enable or “Allow Cheats” to disable them in your game. This choice can be made in the Bedrock edition’s world settings, while the Java edition’s LAN World feature provides a similar mechanism.
  • Restart the game and use the following command to switch to creative mode:

Gamemode creative

  • Finally, access your creative inventory and select the End portal frames by pressing the “E” or your designated inventory key. Due to its indestructibility, a single frame is sufficient. As a bonus, you should also try to get the Eyes of Ender.
  • On the other hand, if you’re using an older version that doesn’t display frames in the creative inventory, you’ll need to rely on commands to acquire them.

This is a Minecraft tutorial for generating End portal frames and Eyes of Ender using command blocks:

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Accessing the End dimension in the game requires the usage of End Portals, which can be crafted at will in creative mode. If you’re playing in standard survival and want to visit the last zone, you’ll need to locate a stronghold and use its end portal, as described above.

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