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Watching sports live is no longer a “monopoly” reserved only for televisions since the advent of streaming and broadcasting content online. Thanks to free or paid sports streaming sites, enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts around the world have a multitude of options to watch sport online, whatever their sport and their favorite medium. There are many live sports streaming sites and services that allow you to watch your favorite sports and teams live wherever you are and, most importantly, for free.

We will try to update this list as often as possible, but it may be that they are no longer accessible or that they have been closed! In most cases, a simple Google search will often allow you to find their new domain name if the old domain has been closed. In addition, be aware that Google makes sure to block the search results linked to sites distributing prohibited content, so the simple fact of using Bing or any other search engine of “second plan (DuckDuckGo …)”, you will find the streams or sites you are looking for!

Best Sports Streaming Sites

What is

Enjoying sports is an incredible experience for sports fans. Whether on TV or at the stadium, no matter, people always like that. We can develop a sense of unity, spirit, and a feeling of anxiety through sport. But we must consider the technology we have today. The power of technology inspires people to look at things. P2p4u is a site that offers links to many sports such as feeds atdhe, FirstRow, and other sites like this.

This is the best free sports streaming site. FirstRow Sports allows you to experience all the main online football matches with P2P4U. P2p4u offers sports fans feed2all. So, after some time you can find the link you looking for by refreshing the page because it updates data after every few minutes. Remember if you want the best link then you have to hurry at the starting of the match, by chance if you missed then wait for a few minutes and check back again. P2p4u is a sport stream so if the user finds that his/her rights are violating he/she can contact the owner without any doubt. However, this website works under the rules of DMCA so users can request immediate link removal to the owner.

What is

1. Stream2Watch

If you are a fan of live then you are served. Whether on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, this is one of the best football streaming sites. That means you just need to have an internet connection and voila. Benefit in addition to a chat service that scrolls to the edge to help you better understand the turnings and information. The site sort by the hour, some live football game lists to help you plan more easily the broadcast of your favorite matches. Stream2watch is a website where users can stream football matches from around the world for free live and online. Although it mainly offers football matches, it also broadcasts other sports such as basketball and rugby. On its home page, you can consult all the matches that can be viewed live.


With this platform to watch live matches for free, be assured with each connection that you will be embarked on a purely sporting world. Without advertising interruption, you will be able to enjoy all of your online matches, but also a plethora of programs broadcast around the world.

3. WatchESPN

WatchESPN is originally a streaming or on-demand website for ESPN group channels with simulcast, but also since 2011 smartphone applications with the same function. If there’s something to say here, it’s just: open to the world. Indeed, this football streaming site is widely used in the United States, and for a good reason, it offers its users the possibility of watching several other types of sport (and without ads) such as tennis, golf, formula 1, WWE, and many others. In addition, it is practically impossible to miss the most significant moments of the meetings and others, thanks to the possibility of retransmission.

4. CricHD

Although the latter is in English, it still benefits from a really pleasant quality of flow. In addition, you will be able to watch the games without interruption, because the latter is closed to all forms of advertising. The reliability and user-friendliness of CricHD streaming football make it a rich and truly attractive platform.

5. VipBox

Whatever the championship or the match, VipBox Sports Streaming football offers you the unique possibility of being able to watch it wherever you are. Offering a simple, lively, and clean interface, you have at your disposal a calendar of upcoming matches to better prepare you to follow them and of course, all in HD. So, no need to break your head and enjoy the streaming of a very high level now to not miss any of your favorite confrontations.

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Bosscast is a free website where you can stream sports events and channels without spending a single penny. There is a built-in player on the website, which makes it easier for you to distribute good quality content. All major leagues, from the Champions League to UEFA, through Wimbledon, are broadcast free of charge on the website. You can also find links for Moto GP, Cricket, Baseball, etc. The only problem with the website is the advertising here too.

7. SportRar

Previously, it is a free sports streaming site where you can broadcast streaming sports events such as Hockey, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Motorsports, Golf, etc. The user interface of this site is rather clean and intuitive. The home page contains all the live broadcasts that you can access fairly quickly. Each streaming is free; you don’t need to pay a single penny on this site!

8. Sony Liv Sports

Sony Liv Sports is another great platform supported by tech giant Sony. Unlike other platforms, they warn you whenever a live sports program is broadcast on that platform. They also have a live dashboard on their platform. This is a live Indian sports streaming site but provides live streaming services for world sports. You can watch sports on your smart TV, laptops, or mobile device with the Sony Pictures Sports network app. You can watch the football world cup and first division games on this site, as well as many other sports such as basketball, WWE, tennis, ice skating, hockey, cricket, and many others. You can choose from matches or sports category, the layout of the website categories is extremely easy to understand.

Sony has also developed it’s Android and iOS apps, which means you can stream your favorite sporting events wherever and whenever you want.


Don’t be afraid of the VIP name, it’s free and probably one of the best free sports streaming sites available on the market. Unfortunately, it is blocked by some ISPs in a few countries. But you can easily avoid this by using a free VPN service. It is the only site that allows you to change the theme. If you don’t like the user interface, you can choose to change it as you wish.


SportLemons is a new sports streaming platform that offers an open space for all sports fans to watch sport online. The best part is that you don’t need to register on this platform. SportLemons has made observing online sport easier than before. The catalog of matches is really very impressive. They broadcast all sports, including football, rugby, and basketball.

All you have to do is simply visit the platform, select a sporting event, and hit the Watch Now button, and you’re good to go.

11. FromHot

It is a free sports streaming site where you can broadcast sports events such as hockey, football, basketball, tennis, baseball, motorsport, golf, etc. The user interface of this site is also very clean and responsive. The home page contains all the live feeds that you can access fairly quickly. Each stream is free to watch; you don’t have to pay a single penny!

12. FuboTV

FuboTV presents a wide range of high quality, ad-free, ad-free sports broadcasts. Matches you can watch include NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, Football, English Premier League, MLS, UEFA, Champions League, Libertadores, and many more. For now, this subscription-based sports streaming site is only available in the United States. The subscription costs 45 dollars per month for 85 channels and 55 dollars per month for 105 channels. There are almost all sports channels available on the site that you can watch and enjoy sports. sports streaming sites

13. NBC Sports

For this sports streaming site, you do not need to pay separately. All you need is a cable, satellite, Telco, or streaming subscription that allows the NBCSN network to run on this site on your iPhone, Android phone, laptop, or MacBooks. You can watch the five NBC sports channels under this website or mobile phone app and enjoy the sport wherever you are. If you work during an important match, you can stay up to date on the score and watch the live streaming from your desktop without disturbing anyone.

14. FOX Sports Go

Like NBC Sports, this sports streaming service also offers you the possibility of broadcasting sports if you subscribe to cable TV and FOX Sports is part of the package. The best thing about this streaming service is that you can catch up on old sports shows that you missed with the video-on-demand service. Among the games broadcast by FOX Sports are the NFL, MLB, NASCAR, MLS, the FIFA World Cup, the German Bundesliga, and many others.

15. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is one of the biggest and biggest names in their sports streaming channels. Most of the elite features of the website are available to subscribers. Certain services can be consulted free of charge with occasional advertisements. Sky Sports offers good video quality for live streaming. You can watch it on your television by connecting your phone or your Macbooks or tablets from the comfort of your sofa or bed. This app gives you the ability to call your friends and enjoy popcorn and bears while cheering on your favorite team on TV. Some famous sports on the site are football, basketball, cricket, racing, golf, etc.

16. Yahoo Sports

You have heard of the name of the Yahoo search engine, but have you heard of Yahoo Sports? Yes, it is one of the most popular sports streaming sites on the internet. Yahoo offers its users the opportunity to choose from several popular sports. And it has become a top destination for free sports among sports fanatics. Yahoo Sports offers major games like the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. You can broadcast a large sports league like the Campion league. The site does not only show entire matches, but it is also highlighted. You can take a quick look.

What precautions should be taken?

First of all, know that we do not recommend any of the sites mentioned in this article and that accessing a stream on one of them is done at your own risk. First of all, it’s because we can’t control what will become of the site if it is ever bought out between the time this article is written and the time you read it. But above all, it is because these sites must be remunerated in one way or another and that the advertisements there are often invasive and misleading. Indeed, we strongly recommend that you download an Ad-Blocker, as this will allow you to avoid having to manually close the myriad of pop-up windows to which you will be exposed.

On the other hand, it is preferable that you avoid “creating an account” and above all never give your bank details. Even from so-called free sites, it happens that you are redirected without realizing it on a third-party site asking you to create an account, be aware that this very rarely comes from a legitimate company. Always make sure that you trust the URL of the page you are on before giving any information on the internet. Have an up-to-date antivirus, and check that your internet browser is also up to date. Do not download anything, especially a file with the extension .exe, which could turn out to be a virus. We just have to wish you a great match!

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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