Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold All Variants PTA Tax in Pakistan

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Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold PTA Tax In Pakistan

The recent launch of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold in Pakistan represents a noteworthy advancement in the foldable smartphone industry. This device is more than just a phone; it’s a symbol of Xiaomi‘s commitment to innovation. This guide offers a detailed overview of the PTA tax applicable to all variants of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold. It aims to enlighten Pakistani buyers about the registration procedure and the economic aspects involved.

PTA Tax Details for Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold All Models

Purchasers need to be aware of the tax implications set by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) when importing the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold. The amount of tax levied differs based on the type of registration, whether it’s done using a Passport or a CNIC. Here’s an elaborate explanation of the PTA tax for each version of this model:

Model PTA Tax with Passport (PKR) PTA Tax with CNIC (PKR)
Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 12GB + 256GB 97,370 110,957
Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 16GB + 512GB 107,181 120,768

Total Price of Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold with PTA Tax

To help potential customers make well-informed choices, the following is a detailed breakdown of the prices for each version of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold. This includes both the base price of each model and the total cost when taxes are added.

Model Original Price USD Original Price (PKR) Total Price with Passport (PKR) Total Price with CNIC (PKR)
Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 12GB + 256GB $1,500 435,000 532,370 545,957
Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 16GB + 512GB $1,699 492,710 599,891 613,478

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold Overview

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold stands out for its cutting-edge foldable design and sophisticated technology. Available in 12GB + 256GB and 16GB + 512GB models, it appeals to various user needs, harmonizing style with practicality. Its introduction to the Pakistani market marks an important milestone, merging Xiaomi’s strong ecosystem with the innovative aspect of a foldable smartphone.

Registration Essentials for Your Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold All Variants

Registering your Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is essential for legal compliance and optimal functionality in Pakistan. This registration links your device’s unique IMEI number with your identity, adhering to the country’s telecommunication laws. To avoid any interruption in services or potential legal problems, it is important to complete this registration process quickly.

How to Register Your Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold with PTA

To register your Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold with the PTA, simply visit their official website or portal and follow the outlined steps. This essential procedure ensures your device can operate on local networks. Make sure you have all the necessary documents at hand for an efficient registration process.


Owning the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold in Pakistan offers the opportunity to enjoy its cutting-edge features while also requiring compliance with PTA regulations and tax obligations. Staying informed about these duties is essential for the trouble-free use of your premium smartphone. Adhering to local telecom rules is crucial for an uninterrupted and enjoyable experience with your device.

Note: PTA tax rates are subject to change. Always check the latest information from PTA’s official channels for the most current details.

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