Tecno Phantom V Flip 2 PTA Tax in Pakistan

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Tecno Phantom V Flip 2 PTA Tax in Pakistan

The Tecno Phantom V Flip 2, a remarkable new entrant in Pakistan’s mobile market, showcases the newest advancements in foldable technology. This guide is designed to give prospective purchasers comprehensive details about the PTA tax applicable to the Tecno Phantom V Flip 2 in Pakistan. Additionally, it offers a clear explanation of the registration process, enabling buyers to use their new device smoothly and without any complications.

PTA Tax Details for Tecno Phantom V Flip 2

Grasping the tax consequences is essential for individuals importing the Tecno Phantom V Flip 2 into Pakistan, as the tax amount differs depending on the identification type utilized for registration, be it a Passport or a CNIC. Below is the comprehensive tax breakdown for the Tecno Phantom V Flip 2:

Model PTA Tax with Passport (PKR) PTA Tax with CNIC (PKR)
Tecno Phantom V Flip 2 55,465 69,052

Total Price of Tecno Phantom V Flip 2 with PTA Tax

Understanding the total expense of owning a Tecno Phantom V Flip 2 in Pakistan requires evaluating both the base price of the device and the additional PTA taxes. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the costs involved for this smartphone:

Model Original Price USD Original Price (PKR) Total Price with Passport (PKR) Total Price with CNIC (PKR)
Tecno Phantom V Flip 2 $650 188,500 244,965 257,552

Tecno Phantom V Flip 2 Overview

The Tecno Phantom V Flip 2 is a remarkable example of modern technology, distinguished by its inventive design and advanced features. This foldable smartphone transcends mere functionality, representing a fusion of style and practicality. Its launch in Pakistan marks a significant milestone in the evolution of smartphone technology, blending premium features with the convenience of a foldable display.

Registration Essentials for Your Tecno Phantom V Flip 2

In Pakistan, it is compulsory to register your Tecno Phantom V Flip 2 with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). This procedure requires associating the phone’s unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number with your details, by the country’s telecommunications policies. It is crucial to complete this registration promptly to prevent any disruptions in service or possible legal complications.

How to Register Your Tecno Phantom V Flip 2 with PTA

You can complete the registration for your Tecno Phantom V Flip 2 via the PTA’s official website or portal. This simple yet crucial process is necessary to activate your device on Pakistani networks. Make sure to have all required documents ready to ensure a smooth registration experience.


Purchasing the Tecno Phantom V Flip 2 in Pakistan not only brings you its outstanding features but also necessitates compliance with PTA regulations and tax obligations. Being aware of these requirements is key to a hassle-free experience with your high-end smartphone. Keep in mind, that the key to a smooth smartphone experience lies in acknowledging and following the local telecom rules.

Note: PTA tax rates are subject to change. It’s recommended to consult the latest information from the PTA’s official channels for the most current and accurate details.

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