Oppo Reno 10, Oppo Reno 10 Pro, Oppo Reno 10 Pro Plus PTA Tax in Pakistan

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Oppo Reno 10 Series PTA Tax in Pakistan

The Oppo Reno 10 series, comprising the Oppo Reno 10, Reno 10 Pro, and Reno 10 Pro Plus, showcases the latest advancements in mobile phone technology. This guide is designed for potential buyers in Pakistan, offering essential information about the PTA tax applicable to these models. Additionally, it covers the registration process, ensuring a seamless experience with your new Oppo device.

PTA Tax Details for Oppo Reno 10 Series

Understanding the tax implications is crucial for anyone importing the Oppo Reno 10 series into Pakistan. The PTA tax varies based on the type of registration—either using a Passport or a CNIC. Here is the detailed tax breakdown for each model in the series:

Model PTA Tax with Passport (PKR) PTA Tax with CNIC (PKR)
Oppo Reno 10 43,534 57,121
Oppo Reno 10 Pro 50,782 64,369
Oppo Reno 10 Pro Plus 61,628 75,215

Total Price of Oppo Reno 10 Models with PTA Tax

To understand the total cost of owning an Oppo Reno 10, Reno 10 Pro, or Reno 10 Pro Plus in Pakistan, it’s important to consider both the original price and the PTA taxes. Below is a comprehensive price breakdown for each device:

Model Original Price USD Original Price (PKR) Total Price with Passport (PKR) Total Price with CNIC (PKR)
Oppo Reno 10 $408 118,320 161,854 175,441
Oppo Reno 10 Pro $555 160,950 211,732 225,319
Oppo Reno 10 Pro Plus $775 224,750 286,378 299,965

Oppo Reno 10 Series Overview

The Oppo Reno 10 series is known for its innovative design and cutting-edge features. These smartphones are more than just communication tools; they represent a leap forward in technology, catering to users who value both style and functionality. Their presence in the Pakistani market is a testament to the evolving landscape of the mobile phone industry, blending advanced features with a sophisticated design.

Registration Essentials for Your Oppo Reno 10 Models

Registering your Oppo Reno 10, Reno 10 Pro, or Reno 10 Pro Plus with the PTA is mandatory in Pakistan. This process involves associating the device’s unique IMEI number with your identity, as per national telecommunications regulations. Prompt registration is essential to avoid service interruptions or potential legal issues.

How to Register Your Oppo Reno 10 Series with PTA

The registration of your Oppo device can be completed through the PTA’s official website or portal. The process is straightforward but necessary to enable your device on Pakistani networks. Ensure that all necessary documents are prepared for a smooth registration experience.


Owning an Oppo Reno 10, Reno 10 Pro, or Reno 10 Pro Plus in Pakistan allows you to enjoy the latest in smartphone technology while adhering to PTA regulations and tax requirements. Staying informed about these obligations ensures a seamless experience with your high-end device. Always consult the latest information from the PTA for accurate and updated details.

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