Motorola Edge 2023 PTA Tax in Pakistan

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Motorola Edge 2023 PTA TAX in Pakistan

The Motorola Edge 2023 stands out as a remarkable advancement in mobile phone technology. This guide is specifically crafted for potential buyers in Pakistan, delivering essential insights about the PTA tax for this model. Additionally, it encompasses details on the registration procedure to ensure a seamless integration of your new Motorola device into your daily life.

PTA Tax Details for Motorola Edge 2023

For individuals planning to import the Motorola Edge 2023 into Pakistan, it is critical to understand the tax implications. The PTA tax varies depending on the registration being linked to a Passport or a CNIC. Here’s the detailed tax breakdown for the Motorola Edge 2023:

Model PTA Tax with Passport (PKR) PTA Tax with CNIC (PKR)
Motorola Edge (2023) 53,000 66,587

Total Price of Motorola Edge 2023 with PTA Tax

To grasp the full cost of owning a Motorola Edge 2023 in Pakistan, one must consider the original price alongside the PTA taxes. Below is a comprehensive price breakdown for the device:

Model Original Price USD Original Price (PKR) Total Price with Passport (PKR) Total Price with CNIC (PKR)
Motorola Edge (2023) $600 174,000 227,000 240,587

Motorola Edge 2023 Series Overview

The Motorola Edge 2023 is celebrated for its innovative design and state-of-the-art features. This smartphone is more than a mere gadget; it symbolises the pinnacle of technological advancement, attracting users who value sophistication and superior performance. Its availability in Pakistan signifies a noteworthy leap in the smartphone market, blending cutting-edge functionalities with a stylish design.

Registration Essentials for Your Motorola Edge 2023

Registering your Motorola Edge 2023 with the PTA is compulsory in Pakistan. This procedure entails associating the device’s unique IMEI number with your identity, in accordance with national telecommunications policies. Prompt registration is crucial to prevent any interruptions in service or potential legal complications.

How to Register Your Motorola Edge 2023 with PTA

You can register your Motorola device through the PTA’s official website or portal. The process is simple but vital for activating your device on Pakistani networks. Ensure you have all necessary documents ready for a smooth registration process.


Owning a Motorola Edge 2023 in Pakistan allows you to experience the forefront of smartphone technology while complying with PTA regulations and tax obligations. Being well-informed about these requirements ensures an uninterrupted experience with your advanced device. Always consult the latest information from the PTA for accurate and up-to-date details.

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