Passport Fee Increase in Pakistan

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Passport Fee Increase in Pakistan May 2024

Due to a surge in applications and technical issues, passport fees in Pakistan have been increased.

New Passport Fees Effective May 8, 2024

The fees for fast-track passport services have been revised to enhance the passport issuance process. Here are the updated fees:

36-page Passport:

    • 5-year validity: Rs 12,500
    • 10-year validity: Rs 16,200
    • Urgent 5-year: Rs 4,500 (up from Rs 3,000)
    • Urgent 10-year: Rs 6,700 (up from Rs 4,500)

72-page Passport:

    • 5-year validity: Rs 18,500
    • 10-year validity: Rs 25,200
    • Urgent 5-year: Rs 8,200
    • Urgent 10-year: Rs 12,400

100-page Passport:

    • 5-year validity: Rs 23,000
    • 10-year validity: Rs 32,000
    • Urgent 5-year: Rs 9,000
    • Urgent 10-year: Rs 13,500

This increase in fees is aimed at improving the efficiency of passport issuance and managing the backlog of applications​

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