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Some individuals believe that bottled water is the only way to drink, while others believe it is the only option. Unfortunately, for some people, drinking tap water is not an option nowadays. A short search on Google or YouTube for “most expensive water” or “most expensive bottled water” reveals several listings. Unfortunately, most of them depend on external information, such as brands that no longer exist or incorrect pricing. As a result, we’ve compiled an updated list of few “Expensive” drinks of the water that are genuinely available anywhere on the planet. So follows are the top ten most expensive drinks of water in the world in 2021.

1. Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxy Collection Diamond Edition ($100,000 per bottle)

The Beverly Hills 90H20 Luxy Collection Diamond Edition is at the top of our list of the most expensive water brands in 2021. Beverly Hills has traditionally been referred to as the “champagne of water” because of its excellent taste, whose source is northern California’s springs and mountains.

This time, the corporation has exceeded itself. This version, dubbed “the ultimate in water,” comes from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and infused with minerals, potassium, calcium, and minerals to improve flavor and nutrition. 

The Luxy Collection Diamond Edition bottle was designed by jeweler Mario Padilla and featured a 14-karat gold cap decorated with approximately 250 black diamonds and 600 G/VS white diamonds. Unfortunately, only nine bottles were created, and buying one will provide you a year’s worth of Beverly Hills 9OH2O Lifestyle Collection.

2. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani ($60,000 per 750ml)

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani is the most expensive mineral water in the world. The price of 750 ml is US$60,000.The water is contained in a 24-carat gold container from natural sources in Fiji and France. The container is one of the most costly aspects of the water, but it is reported to have a distinct, tempting flavor and smoothness to the tongue that would impress even the most passionate bottled water fans.

3. Fillico Jewelry Water from Japan ($616 per liter)

Fillico is the ultimate over-the-top design-focused water company, with the name “Jewelry Water.” It originated in California in 2005, similar to Bling h2o, with a focus on Hollywood celebrities. They began selling in Japan a year later, and it has been their home since then, though they are now accessible worldwide, including online. Their website discusses the purity of their water, which comes from a historic spring in Kobe, Japan, known as Nunobiki Water.

Chefs and tea ceremony masters are said to be interested in it. However, the Nunobiki name and a few indications in their web presence point to a surface waterfall-fed source, the sort of water is unknown. Finally, with its Swarovski crystals and other features, the design is so extravagant – with their social media focusing almost entirely on that element, it is the primary reason for the high price. Fillico has you covered if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, diverse piece of glass to display at your event. For a fee, of course.

4. Kona-Nigari Water (402 per 750ml)

Kona Nigari water promotes weight loss, energizes you, and improves your skin’s condition. The water originates from a thousand feet underneath the ocean’s surface on a Hawaiian island. It includes naturally occurring deep ocean electrolytes and is more gratifying for reducing thirst than other pricey, bottled waters. Some of the world’s most well-known dermatologists and fitness coaches are recommended this and costs $402 per 750ml, making it the world’s 4th most expensive water.

5. NEVAS from Germany ($190 per liter)

Nevas Water is a relative newcomer that appears to be exclusively accessible in Germany and probably Ibiza, Spain. They’re going for the “celebration” market as a substitute for champagne, with just a sparkling variety available. While the design is prominent, they also emphasize their water quality, citing their calcium level and two “several hundred years old” artesian wells as sources. Unfortunately, however, we were unable to locate the wells or determine the whole TDS level. 

Their website reveals that they have received a lot of favorable publicity in Germany. Michael Hemling, a tea and water sommelier blogger, praises them as a festive product and enjoys the assertive carbonation. Their primary product is a 750ml bottle, but they also have numerous magnum 1.5 litter Design Edition variants, which placed them in second place.

6. Svalbarði Polar Iceberg Water ($166 per liter)

Svalbari was developed to be the first rounded luxury water brand at this price point, not simply about appearance. Being the world’s northernmost water comes at a steep price. Icebergs are being collected from the waters of Svalbard, which is located near the North Pole at 78°N—bottling in high-end packaging that is befitting of the source.

It is supporting carbon-reduction efforts that save 100 times the amount of arctic ice used in each bottle. Svalbari does this by combining a one-of-a-kind source, flavor, origin narrative, design, and eco-consciousness to produce a 360-degree luxury product unlike any other before or now available.

7. Bling h2o ($104 per liter)

Bling water is bottled at the same place it is produced. The English Mountain Spring is located at the foot of Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains. To guarantee that the company’s award-winning flavor matches its award-winning design, a 9-step purification process is implemented.

When you open a bottle of Bling, it’s almost like ripping open a bottle of pricey champagne. It’s very refined and pleasantly pleasant water that’s provided in high-end restaurants and spas. It costs $104 for every 750ml since it is so elegant.

8. Uisge Source ($60 per litter)

On this list, Uisge Source is the only water offered particularly for whiskey pairing. To complement the region’s famed whiskies, it was obtained from Scotland. It sort of tricks its way onto our list because it is only supplied in tiny 100ml bottles, implying that the price per liter for a premium special-purpose product will undoubtedly be more significant.

But we’ll give them a pass because they’re doing something unique that deserves to be included on a list like this. To provide distinct whisky matching experiences, they provide three varieties at the same price range. Islay (183 TDS) originates from a spring, whereas Highland (225 TDS) and Speyside (125 TDS) originate from old wells.

9. Lofoten ($56 per liter)

Above the Arctic Circle, Norway’s Lofoten archipelago is a magnificent mountainous landscape with clean snow meltwater sources. Unfortunately, the exact origin of Lofoten bottled water isn’t specified on the company’s website, although it appears to be a local lake or river.

A simple search of Lofoten lakes reveals what a nice and clean supply that would be. With its Scandinavian-minimalism-meets-big-presence feeling, the bottle is undeniably unique and has gained multiple design honors.

10. BLVD ($40 per liter)

Jon Monsir, an Australian luxury products firm, has a subsidiary called BLVD. They realized the potential in premium water and set out to find a one-of-a-kind supply, which they discovered in spring in Tasmania’s pristine subcontinental environment.  With a custom bottle made of high-quality ultra-flint glass and the brand name debossed in giant letters, the packaging is aimed at a high-end market.

Only a sparkling variety is available, and it is only sold to high-end hotels and online. In addition, the brand’s and source’s backstories may not have the same energy as the scrappy entrepreneurs behind products like neighboring rainwater-sourced King Island Cloud Juice. Still, they’ve put various thoughts into the packaging, and Tasmania is a beautiful site to draw water from.

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