Best 15 Most Expensive Keyboard

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Top Most Expensive Keyboard

Let’s say you really love using computers. You type a lot, play games, or maybe do both. But sometimes, the keyboard you use doesn’t feel good. It’s either too loud, too hard to press, or it just doesn’t work right. You think, “I wish I had a better keyboard.” Here’s the solution: There’s a special keyboard that’s known as the most expensive in the world. Why is it so expensive? It’s made to be the best. It’s like having a fancy sports car for your fingers! This keyboard is made with great care, using the best materials and technology.

It’s designed to make typing and gaming feel amazing. So, if you’re someone who spends a lot of time on a computer and wants the best experience, this keyboard might be what you’re looking for. It’s not just any keyboard; it’s like the king of keyboards!

Top 15 Most Expensive Keyboard

In my quest for the ultimate computer accessory, I stumbled upon a gem that truly stands out. It’s not just another tool for typing or gaming; it’s a masterpiece of technology and design. I haven’t personally used it, but I’ve spent considerable time exploring its ratings and reviews. The feedback from users is astounding. They talk about its exceptional feel, the way each key seems to respond perfectly to touch, and the overall luxurious experience it offers.

The attention to detail in its construction is evident, even in the pictures and descriptions. The craftsmanship speaks of a commitment to quality that goes beyond the ordinary. This item isn’t just about functionality; it’s about elevating the everyday experience of using a computer to an art form. Each aspect of it, from the materials used to the ergonomic design, has been thoughtfully chosen to create not just a tool, but an experience that resonates with excellence.

1. ADATA Golden Summoner Keyboard

ADATA Golden Summoner Keyboard

The ADATA Golden Summoner Keyboard, often regarded as the most expensive keyboard in the market, is a true masterpiece of luxury and technology. Coated in dazzling 24-karat gold, this keyboard is more than just an input device; it’s a statement piece that exudes opulence. Designed for the elite few, it features gold-plated aluminum keys that not only look magnificent but also offer a unique tactile experience. The attention to detail and the quality of materials used are evident in every aspect of this keyboard, making it a coveted item among collectors and tech enthusiasts.

Using the ADATA Golden Summoner Keyboard is akin to having a piece of art at your fingertips. The keys, with their gold coating, provide a smooth and satisfying typing experience. The weight and build quality of the keyboard add a sense of stability and luxury to everyday computing tasks. Its aesthetic appeal is unmatched, making it a centerpiece in any high-end computer setup. However, it’s more than just its looks; the keyboard functions flawlessly, offering a reliable and responsive typing experience that matches its extravagant design.

Specification Detail
Price $10,000
Unique Feature 24k Gold Plating
Material Gold, Aluminum
Target Audience Luxury collectors
Release Year 2020
Additional Notes Limited edition, only six units made

2. Happy Hacking Keyboard

Happy Hacking Keyboard

The Happy Hacking Keyboard stands out as a fusion of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern technology, making it one of the most expensive keyboards available. It’s specially designed for those who appreciate both the artistry and functionality in their tech gadgets. The keyboard features keys dusted in gold and coated with Urushi lacquer, a technique that’s been perfected over centuries. This not only gives the keyboard a unique, glossy finish but also makes each piece a one-of-a-kind artifact.

Typing on the Happy Hacking Keyboard is a unique experience that combines comfort with a touch of history. The keys are smooth, and the overall design is ergonomically sound, catering to prolonged use without discomfort. Its minimalist layout might take some getting used to, but it’s incredibly efficient once mastered. This keyboard is particularly appealing to those who appreciate subtle luxury and are looking for a high-end, durable typing tool.

Specification Detail
Brand Happy Hacking
Price $4,240
Unique Feature Gold Dust, Urushi Lacquer
Material Gold Dust, Lacquer
Target Audience Collectors, Art Fans
Release Year 2006
Additional Notes Limited production

3. Tfue’s Custom Keyboard

Tfue’s Custom Keyboard

Tfue’s Custom Keyboard, designed by Tae Ha Kim, is a testament to how personalization and performance can elevate a keyboard to the status of the most expensive and exclusive. This keyboard is custom-built to meet the specific needs of the renowned Twitch streamer Tfue, featuring a blend of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel materials. Its design focuses on providing an unmatched gaming experience, with a high degree of responsiveness and durability.

For gamers, using Tfue’s Custom Keyboard is a dream come true. The keys are precisely tuned for gaming, offering a tactile and responsive feel that enhances gameplay. The build quality is robust, standing up to intense gaming sessions. The keyboard’s aesthetic, with its sleek and modern design, adds a touch of sophistication to any gaming setup. It’s not just a tool but a part of the gaming experience, tailored to deliver performance at the highest levels.

Specification Detail
Brand Tae Ha Kim
Price $3,500
Unique Feature Gaming Design
Material Aluminum, Steel
Target Audience Gamers, Tfue Fans
Release Year 2020
Additional Notes High-performance gaming

4. The Smorgasboard

The Smorgasboard

The Smorgasboard, crafted by Tiny (tinymakesthings), is a delightful blend of whimsy and functionality, ranking among the most expensive keyboards due to its unique concept. Each keycap is a meticulously handmade representation of various food items, transforming the keyboard into a visual feast. This keyboard is not just about typing; it’s about owning a piece of interactive art that brings joy and surprise to every keystroke.

Using The Smorgasboard is an experience filled with delight and discovery. Every keypress reveals a new detail, a testament to the artisan’s skill and creativity. While it may not be the first choice for fast typists or gamers, it’s perfect for those who want to add a playful touch to their workspace. The keyboard is surprisingly functional, with a reliable typing experience that doesn’t compromise on performance despite its artistic design.

Specification Detail
Brand Tiny (tinymakesthings)
Price $3,350
Unique Feature Food Item Keycaps
Material Handmade Keycaps
Target Audience Food Fans
Release Year Unknown
Additional Notes Unique food-themed keys

5. Optimus Maximus

Optimus Maximus

The Optimus Maximus, designed by the innovative team at Optimus, is a marvel in the world of high-end keyboards, often cited as one of the most expensive keyboards due to its groundbreaking features. Each key is a standalone OLED display, allowing for unparalleled customization. Users can assign any image or function to each key, making it not just a keyboard but a dynamic tool for creative professionals. The mix of technology and design innovation in Optimus Maximus sets a new standard in the keyboard industry.

The experience of using the Optimus Maximus is nothing short of futuristic. The ability to customize each key with different icons or functions is a game-changer, especially for designers, video editors, and programmers. The tactile response is satisfying, and the visual feedback from the OLED displays adds a new dimension to typing and creative work. While it may come with a steep learning curve, the payoff in terms of productivity and personalization is immense.

Specification Detail
Brand Optimus
Price $1,600
Unique Feature OLED Keys
Material OLED Screens
Target Audience Tech Enthusiasts
Release Year 2008
Additional Notes High customization

6. The Seafarer Keyboard

The Seafarer Keyboard

Crafted by DATAMANCER, The Seafarer Keyboard is an exquisite piece that stands out as one of the most expensive keyboards, thanks to its unique nautical theme. The weathered brass plates and antique map design evoke the spirit of maritime adventure. This keyboard is more than a peripheral; it’s a conversation piece that combines the aesthetics of a bygone era with modern keyboard technology, appealing to both antique lovers and tech enthusiasts.

Typing on The Seafarer Keyboard feels like being transported to the captain’s quarters of an old ship. The tactile feedback from the keys, combined with the visual appeal of the brass and map design, creates a unique sensory experience. While it might not be the first choice for those seeking ergonomic designs, it’s perfect for users who prioritize aesthetics and want a keyboard that tells a story.

Specification Detail
Price $1,650
Unique Feature Nautical Design
Material Brass, Antique Map
Target Audience Maritime Enthusiasts
Release Year Unknown
Additional Notes Unique aesthetic appeal

7. FingerWorks TouchStream LP

FingerWorks TouchStream LP

The FingerWorks TouchStream LP Zero-Force Keyboard is a testament to innovative ergonomic design, making it one of the most expensive keyboards with its focus on health and efficiency. This keyboard incorporates a unique touchpad technology, offering a blend of typing and gesture-based controls. It was designed to reduce strain and improve comfort for intensive computer users, making it a pioneering product in the field of ergonomic peripherals.

Using the FingerWorks TouchStream LP is a leap into a world where traditional typing meets modern touch technology. The keyboard’s gesture control system is innovative, allowing users to perform mouse functions without moving their hands away from the keyboard. This design significantly reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries. The learning curve might be steep, but for those who prioritize health and ergonomics, this keyboard offers an experience that traditional keyboards can’t match.

Specification Detail
Brand FingerWorks
Price $1,500+
Unique Feature Integrated Touchpad
Material Touchpad Tech
Target Audience Ergonomic Users
Release Year 2007
Additional Notes Discontinued, rare

8. Optimus Popularis

Optimus Popularis

The Optimus Popularis, another masterpiece from the house of Optimus, is often highlighted as one of the most expensive keyboards due to its cutting-edge design and functionality. Each key houses a mini-LCD screen, enabling full customization of the layout and appearance. This keyboard is not just a tool but a canvas, allowing users to create a personalized interface that can adapt to various languages, symbols, or specific software needs.

The user experience of the Optimus Popularis is akin to having a control center at your fingertips. The customization possibilities are endless, allowing users to tailor the keyboard to their specific workflows and preferences. The LCD keys provide clear visuals, making it easy to switch between different layouts or functions. Ideal for multi-lingual users or professionals who use specialized software, this keyboard offers both versatility and a unique aesthetic appeal.

Specification Detail
Brand Optimus
Price $1,100
Unique Feature LCD Keys
Material Mini-LCD Screens
Target Audience Designers
Release Year 2012
Additional Notes Compact, customizable

9. Custom Keyboard for Sara Dietschy

Custom Keyboard for Sara Dietschy

The Custom Keyboard for Sara Dietschy, created by the skilled artisan Tiny (tinymakesthings), stands out as a most expensive keyboard, primarily due to its one-of-a-kind design and personalization. Tailored to meet the preferences of content creator Sara Dietschy, this keyboard combines aesthetics with functionality. It’s a perfect example of how custom keycaps and RGB lighting can transform a standard keyboard into a personalized creative tool.

Typing on this custom keyboard is an experience filled with personal touch and flair. Each keycap is designed to reflect Sara Dietschy’s style, making the keyboard not just a typing device but a piece of personal expression. The RGB lighting adds to its charm, creating a vibrant and dynamic workspace. It’s ideal for users who see their keyboard as an extension of their personality and creative expression.

Specification Detail
Brand Tiny (tinymakesthings)
Price $1,000
Unique Feature Custom Design
Material Custom Keycaps
Target Audience Custom Keyboard Fans
Release Year Unknown
Additional Notes Unique Tiny design

10. The Sojourner Keyboard

The Sojourner Keyboard

The Sojourner Keyboard, crafted by Datamancer, is a standout piece known for its steampunk aesthetic, making it one of the most expensive keyboards for collectors and enthusiasts of this genre. Featuring a brass and leather construction, it mirrors the design of vintage typewriters, exuding a sense of history and adventure. This keyboard is not just about inputting data; it’s about owning a piece of art that resonates with the charm of the Victorian era.

Using The Sojourner Keyboard is like taking a step back in time. The tactile feedback of the keys, combined with the visual and textural feel of brass and leather, provides a uniquely satisfying typing experience. It’s a keyboard that demands attention and starts conversations. While it may not be designed for high-speed typing or gaming, it’s perfect for users who want their workspace to reflect a love for vintage aesthetics and storytelling.

Specification Detail
Brand Datamancer
Price $899
Unique Feature Steampunk Aesthetic
Material Brass, Leather
Target Audience Steampunk Fans
Release Year Unknown
Additional Notes Antique typewriter feel

11. Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard

Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard

The Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard is a luxurious addition to the realm of the most expensive keyboards, known for its real gold leaf coating. It combines the allure of gold with the practicality of a standard keyboard layout, offering a unique balance of opulence and functionality. Released in 2008, this keyboard caters to users who appreciate a touch of luxury in their tech gadgets without being overly extravagant.

Using the Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard feels like an everyday indulgence. The gold leaf coating adds a subtle yet noticeable elegance to the typing experience. The keys are responsive, and the build quality is solid, ensuring that the luxurious appearance is matched by performance. It’s a perfect choice for users who want to elevate their workspace with a hint of gold while enjoying a reliable and comfortable typing experience.

Specification Detail
Brand Kirameki
Price $359
Unique Feature Gold Leaf Coating
Material Gold Leaf
Target Audience Budget Gold Fans
Release Year 2008
Additional Notes Simple design, luxury touch

12. Happy Hacking Keyboard 25th Anniversary Limited Edition

Happy Hacking Keyboard 25th Anniversary Limited Edition

The Happy Hacking Keyboard 25th Anniversary Limited Edition is a refined piece that features in the list of most expensive keyboards, marking a significant milestone for the Happy Hacking brand. This keyboard is known for its compact design and Topre silent key switches, offering a typing experience that is both efficient and quiet. It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and user-focused design, making it highly sought after by professional typists and keyboard enthusiasts.

Typing on the Happy Hacking Keyboard 25th Anniversary Limited Edition is a delight. The compact design reduces finger travel, increasing efficiency and comfort during extended typing sessions. The Topre silent switches offer a tactile response without the noise, making it ideal for office environments or shared spaces. This keyboard is perfect for users who value precision, comfort, and a minimalist aesthetic in their typing tools.

Specification Detail
Brand Happy Hacking
Price $280
Unique Feature Silent Key Switches
Material Compact Build
Target Audience Typists
Release Year 2021
Additional Notes Limited, efficient typing

13. Logitech G915 Lightspeed RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech G915 Lightspeed RGB Mechanical Keyboard

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed RGB Mechanical Keyboard is a sophisticated piece of technology that ranks among the most expensive keyboards, particularly appealing to gamers and users looking for a wireless, sleek design. It offers a perfect blend of advanced features like programmable G-keys and customizable RGB lighting, all packed into a super-thin, stylish frame. This keyboard redefines the boundaries of wireless gaming keyboards.

Using the Logitech G915 is a seamless and enjoyable experience. The freedom of wireless connectivity combined with the responsiveness of the keys makes it perfect for both gaming and general use. The customizable RGB lighting enhances the gaming atmosphere, while the programmable keys provide an edge in competitive gaming. It’s a keyboard that not only performs exceptionally but also elevates the aesthetic of any gaming setup.

Specification Detail
Brand Logitech
Price $249
Unique Feature Wireless, RGB Keys
Material Metal Alloy
Target Audience Gamers
Release Year Unknown
Additional Notes Clutter-free design

14. Varmilo Dragon

Varmilo Dragon

The Varmilo Dragon keyboard, adorned with a unique dragon design, is a prized possession in the world of the most expensive keyboards. Inspired by Chinese folklore, this keyboard pays homage to the iconic Loong dragon with its specialized coloring and detailed keycap design. It’s a blend of cultural artistry and modern keyboard technology, appealing to both gamers and fans of folklore.

Typing on the Varmilo Dragon is an immersive experience. The detailed dragon design on the keycaps adds an element of mystique and beauty to every keystroke. While the keyboard offers a straightforward USB connection and unchangeable white LED backlights, its true appeal lies in the aesthetic and cultural significance of its design. It’s ideal for users who appreciate keyboards that tell a story and add a touch of folklore to their computing experience.

Specification Detail
Brand Varmilo
Price $230+
Unique Feature Dragon Design
Material Dye Sublimation
Target Audience Folklore Fans
Release Year Unknown
Additional Notes Loong dragon homage

15. SteelSeries Apex Pro

SteelSeries Apex Pro most expensive keyboard

The SteelSeries Apex Pro stands out as a technologically advanced and one of the most expensive keyboards, especially designed for gamers. With its unique feature of adjustable keys and an OLED panel, it offers a level of customization that caters to the specific needs of gamers. Released in 2019, this keyboard combines functionality with a sleek design, including RGB backlights and a built-in wrist rest for enhanced comfort during long gaming sessions.

Using the SteelSeries Apex Pro is a game-changer for serious gamers. The ability to adjust the actuation of the keys allows for a personalized typing and gaming experience, reducing the risk of unintended key presses. The OLED panel adds a touch of sophistication, enabling users to adjust settings on the fly. The overall build quality and design of the Apex Pro make it a desirable keyboard for gamers who seek both performance and style in their gaming gear.

Specification Detail
Brand SteelSeries
Price $199
Unique Feature Adjustable Keys
Material Metal, OLED
Target Audience Gamers
Release Year 2019
Additional Notes Customizable actuation


What makes this keyboard different from regular keyboards?

It's crafted with exceptional materials and technology, offering unparalleled typing and gaming experience.

Can this keyboard improve my computer usage experience?

Yes, its ergonomic design and responsive keys can enhance comfort and efficiency.

Is it worth investing in such an expensive keyboard?

If you're someone who values premium quality and superior performance, then it's a worthwhile investment.

How do I maintain this keyboard?

It requires the same care as a standard keyboard, but be sure to follow any specific instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Are there customizable options available?

Often, these high-end keyboards offer customization in terms of key functions and backlighting.


In conclusion, the world’s most expensive keyboard is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a blend of luxury, innovation, and peak performance. It’s an investment for those who value the finest in technology. For more information on luxury tech items or to explore similar high-end gadgets, you might find this resource helpful: EliteKeyboards – Explore a range of high-end keyboards with exceptional features.

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