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From Duty to Devotion Manga

From Duty to Devotion Manga“From Duty to Devotion” is a poignant and engaging manga that delves into the themes of abuse, resilience, and unexpected romance. It tells the story of Ines, a young woman who endures severe mistreatment from her stepmother and stepsister and later from her husband.

From Duty to Devotion Manga Wiki

Category Details
Title From Duty to Devotion
Alternative Title Kizumono Reijou wa Keiyaku Otto ni Aisareru
Author Aoi
Artist Kasaya
Genres Fantasy, Josei, Manhwa, Romance
Status Ongoing
Release Year 2023
Summary The story follows Ines, abused by her stepmother and stepsister, leading to a scarred life. Her journey takes a turn when the “Cold-Blooded Marquess” proposes marriage, offering her a chance at redemption and love.
Monthly Views 114K on Kun Manga
Rating Average 4.1/5 on Kun Manga, 4.2/5 on Coffee Manga
Chapters More than 46
Reader Comments Discussions about the portrayal of Ines’s challenges and growth


The manga is categorized under genres like Fantasy, Drama, and Romance. It is a Manhwa, a term used specifically for Korean comics.

From Duty to Devotion Chapters

Chapter 01 6/25/2023
Chapter 02 06/25/2023
Chapter 03 06/25/2023
Chapter 04 06/25/2023
Chapter 05 06/25/2023
Chapter 06 06/25/2023
Chapter 07 06/25/2023
Chapter 08 06/25/2023
Chapter 09 06/25/2023
Chapter 10 06/25/2023
Chapter 11 06/25/2023
Chapter 12 06/25/2023
Chapter 13 06/25/2023
Chapter 14 06/25/2023
Chapter 15 06/25/2023
Chapter 16 06/25/2023
Chapter 17 06/25/2023
Chapter 18 06/25/2023
Chapter 19 06/25/2023
Chapter 20 06/25/2023
Chapter 21 06/25/2023
Chapter 22 07/01/2023
Chapter 23 07/08/2023
Chapter 24 07/15/2023
Chapter 25 07/22/2023
Chapter 26 07/29/2023
Chapter 27 08/12/2023
Chapter 28 08/12/2023
Chapter 29 08/12/2023
Chapter 30 08/19/2023
Chapter 31 08/26/2023
Chapter 32 09/02/2023
Chapter 33 09/09/2023
Chapter 34 09/16/2023
Chapter 35 09/30/2023
Chapter 36 09/30/2023
Chapter 37 10/07/2023
Chapter 38 10/14/2023
Chapter 39 10/21/2023
Chapter 40 10/28/2023
Chapter 41 11/04/2023
Chapter 42 11/11/2023
Chapter 43 09/30/2023
Chapter 44 11/25/2023
Chapter 45 12/02/2023
Chapter 46 12/09/2023


  • Ines: The protagonist, who faces severe abuse from her family and husband.
  • Cold-Blooded Marquess: A nobleman who plays a pivotal role in Ines’s life.

Plot Summary

Ines’s life is marked by hardship from a young age due to the cruelty of her stepfamily. Her suffering escalates when her husband, who calls her “ugly” due to a scar left by her stepsister’s abuse, starts an affair with her stepsister. The story takes a turn when Ines is proposed marriage by the Cold-Blooded Marquess, leading her into a journey of transformation and hope.

Themes and Analysis

The manga explores deep themes of abuse, self-worth, societal norms, and the transformative power of love and resilience.


With an average rating of 4.1/5 on Kun Manga and 4.2/5 on Coffee Manga, the series has received considerable acclaim for its compelling narrative and character development.

Publication History

It has been released in 2023 and is still ongoing, with more than 46 chapters published to date.

Author and Artist

The manga is authored by Aoi and illustrated by Kasaya.


As of now, there are no known adaptations of this manga into other media.

Reader Discussions

Readers have engaged in discussions about the realistic portrayal of Ines’s challenges and her growth throughout the story.

From Duty to Devotion Spoilers

From Duty to Devotion is an ongoing manga with a story that revolves around the character Ines, who has faced significant abuse from her stepmother and stepsister since a young age. The narrative intensifies as her stepsister’s cruel actions leave Ines with a scar, which leads to her being labeled as “ugly” by her abusive new husband. The plot takes a significant turn when Ines is approached by a character known as the “Cold-Blooded Marquess,” who proposes marriage to her. Seeing an opportunity to change her life and regain what she has lost, Ines agrees to marry the Marquess.

The manga delves into themes of abuse, resilience, romance, and transformation. It’s set in a fantasy genre and follows Ines’s journey as she navigates these challenging circumstances and opportunities for change.

Where to Read From Duty to Devotion?

You can read From Duty to Devotion online at the following sites:

  1. Kun Manga – Provides a comprehensive list of chapters with user ratings and comments.
  2. ManhuaScan – Offers the latest chapters of the manga with a summary and genre information.
  3. Coffee Manga – Another platform to read the manga, featuring user reviews and ratings.

Please support the creators and respect copyright laws while reading manga online.

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