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Devil Returns to School Days Manga

Devil Returns to School Days Manga“Devil Returns to School Days” is a captivating manga that merges the realms of supernatural and everyday school life. The story revolves around an extraordinary scenario where the devil, a figure often associated with chaos and mischief, finds himself back in the mundane yet challenging world of school. This unique blend of genres creates a storyline filled with unexpected twists, humor, and moments of introspection, making it a must-read for manga enthusiasts.

Devil Returns to School Days Manga Wiki

Category Details
Title Devil Returns to School Days
Alternative Title 악의 등교
Genres Action, Drama, Fantasy, Martial Arts
Status Ongoing
Monthly Views 16.4K (as of latest available data)
Main Character Kim Hyun-sung
Plot Summary Kim Hyun-sung, a student with good grades, handsome appearance, and above-average fighting skills, experiences a life-changing event on the eve of his graduation. He is pushed off a rooftop, leading to a vegetative state where he can only hear and remain conscious. After spending ten years in this state, he returns to the past on the day the bullying began.
Themes School life, revenge, supernatural elements
Publication History Serialized with multiple chapters
Reader Reception Well-received, known for its engaging storyline and portrayal of school violence and revenge
Availability Available on MangaRead, Manhuaus, MangaDex


Devil Returns to School Days is a manga series written by Yuto Nakamura. The series is known for its innovative plot and engaging character development. The story is set in a modern-day high school, where the devil, disguised as a student, experiences the trials and tribulations of school life.

Devil Returns to School Days Chapters

Chapter 01 April 12, 2023
Chapter 02 April 12, 2023
Chapter 03 April 12, 2023
Chapter 04 April 12, 2023
Chapter 05 April 12, 2023
Chapter 06 April 12, 2023
Chapter 07 April 12, 2023
Chapter 08 April 18, 2023
Chapter 09 April 18, 2023
Chapter 10 April 25, 2023
Chapter 11 May 2, 2023
Chapter 12 May 9, 2023
Chapter 13 May 16, 2023
Chapter 14 May 24, 2023
Chapter 15 May 30, 2023
Chapter 16 June 6, 2023
Chapter 17 June 13, 2023
Chapter 18 June 20, 2023
Chapter 19 June 27, 2023
Chapter 20 July 5, 2023
Chapter 21 July 11, 2023
Chapter 22 July 18, 2023
Chapter 23 July 25, 2023
Chapter 24 August 1, 2023
Chapter 25 August 8, 2023
Chapter 26 August 15, 2023
Chapter 27 August 29, 2023
Chapter 28 September 5, 2023
Chapter 29 September 12, 2023
Chapter 30 September 22, 2023
Chapter 31 October 2, 2023
Chapter 32 October 8, 2023
Chapter 33 October 14, 2023
Chapter 34 October 20, 2023
Chapter 35 October 30, 2023
Chapter 36 November 7, 2023
Chapter 37 November 13, 2023
Chapter 38 November 22, 2023
Chapter 39 November 29, 2023
Chapter 40 December 10, 2023
Chapter 41 December 10, 2023
Chapter 42 December 18, 2023
Chapter 43 December 25, 2023
Chapter 44 December 27, 2023


  • Kazuki Satanaka: The protagonist, who is actually the devil. He enrolls in the school with a hidden agenda but finds himself entangled in the complexities of human emotions and friendships.
  • Haruka Fujimoto: The class president and a key character who influences Kazuki’s perception of humanity.
  • Daichi Yamada: Kazuki’s unsuspecting friend, known for his humorous and carefree nature.
  • Ms. Tanaka: The homeroom teacher, who plays a pivotal role in Kazuki’s journey through school.

Plot Summary

The story begins with Kazuki Satanaka, the devil, enrolling in a high school for a mysterious purpose. Initially, his interactions are cold and calculated, but as he spends more time with his classmates, particularly Haruka and Daichi, he starts experiencing the warmth and complexities of human emotions. The plot weaves through various challenges and adventures at school, from academic pressures to cultural festivals, each event bringing Kazuki closer to understanding humanity.

Themes and Analysis

The manga delves into themes like redemption, the nature of good and evil, and the complexity of human relationships. Kazuki’s character development is a central element, showcasing how even the most unlikely characters can evolve. The story also comments on the educational system and the pressures faced by students.


Devil Returns to School Days has been widely praised for its unique storytelling and character arcs. It resonates with both teenagers and adults, providing a fresh perspective on the school life genre.

Publication History

The series was first published in 2022 and has since been compiled into several volumes. It is available in both print and digital formats.


While there have been talks of an anime adaptation, as of now, the manga remains solely in its original format.

Author’s Note

Yuto Nakamura has expressed that this series is a reflection of his own experiences and observations of the school system, intertwined with a fantastical element to explore deeper philosophical questions.


  • The character of Kazuki was initially conceptualized as an angel.
  • Each volume of the manga includes a short story that delves into the backstory of secondary characters.

Devil Returns to School Days Spoiler

In the manga “Devil Returns to School Days,” the story takes a dramatic turn, with several key events shaping the narrative. The plot revolves around Kim Hyunsung, a student who, after a tragic incident, gains the opportunity to rewrite his past and confront those who wronged him.

In Chapter 37, we witness a significant development when Hyunsung cornered Choi Seona in an effort to uncover the mastermind behind his bullying. This leads to the revelation that Hyeji, a character previously thought to be innocent, was actually involved with the Golden Circles, a secretive group with nefarious intentions. This chapter delves into the complexities of school politics, bullying, and the quest for justice.

As the story progresses to Chapter 43, Hyunsung’s reputation as a fierce fighter spreads across Cheol-il High School following his defeat of a notorious bully, Youngmin. His arrival at the school marks a significant change, challenging the existing power dynamics and the undercurrents of bullying and fear. The chapter also hints at the influence of the Golden Circle in the school’s affairs.

In Chapter 44, the narrative intensifies with the emergence of Hongjin, the elder brother of the defeated bully. His arrival at the school signals a new challenge for Hyunsung, who has been standing against the tide of bullying and injustice.

These chapters encapsulate the themes of revenge, justice, and the fight against school bullying, central to “Devil Returns to School Days.” The manga skillfully intertwines these elements, creating a compelling narrative that keeps readers engaged.

For more detailed insights and to follow the ongoing story, you can read the manga on our platform. The story unfolds with each chapter, revealing new twists and turns that add depth to the characters and the overarching plot.

Where to Read Devil Returns to School Days

You can read “Devil Returns to School Days” online at the following websites:

  1. MangaRead – This site provides a comprehensive list of chapters for the manga.
  2. Manhuaus – Another platform where the manga is available, offering an ongoing list of chapters.
  3. MangaDex – MangaDex is a popular site for a wide range of manga, including “Devil Returns to School Days”.

These websites offer a variety of chapters from the manga, allowing you to follow the story of Kim Hyun-sung and his journey. Please ensure to respect copyright and support the creators when reading manga online.

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