Worried about a Flu? Try These Tips

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Worried about a Flu?
The winter season has arrived and dried fruits, halves, sweaters, coats, mufflers, heaters are all being purchased. Similarly, the list of winter food use is being prepared.
In addition to all this, winter brings with it some problems, including common flu and nasal colds.
According to a report, things need to be kept in place to cope with these problems and it is not surprising that natural prescriptions for colds and colds are just as popular as modern medicines that are used to treat these centuries-old diseases. Are.
Although some medicines work to reduce and prevent the duration of colds, others provide only temporary relief.
The power of competition is still popular in Vitamin C. It strengthens the body’s immune system by preventing symptoms of frostbite.
Malta is the best source for preventing colds. One to two malts a day is enough to provide enough vitamin C to control the spread of common cold.
The delicious hot soup looks more appealing in the winter than any other season, its use relieves swelling and then provides great comfort to soak in a warm bed.
Hot tea, the best is that green, in the taste of your choice, will not let your body dehydrate while relaxing the throat.
Ginger, commonly used in kitchens, has long been thought to be capable of fighting germs, but it also prevents frostbite. Ginger, green pepper, mint leaves, and salt sauce are delicious and beneficial, just like ginger pickles.
Applying it to lunch and dinner daily can help prevent colds and colds throughout the season. Saltwater and ginger can also be helpful.
In order to open the nasal obstruction, inhalation of steam is recommended. Add a teaspoon of any balm under boiling water to a pot, cover your head with a towel and inhale the smoke rising. This will not only eliminate the obstruction in the nasal passages, but it also provides relief for the runny and closed nose. Then go to bed and enjoy a good sleep.
It is also beneficial to apply a mint around the nostrils and on the chest of children.
The homeopathic system is now progressing toward plant therapy, which can be good for people who are allergic to allopathic medicines.
Raising body temperature is a natural way to fight off colds and colds by eliminating viruses. High body temperature should be controlled by a doctor’s advice.

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