Why are the ears closed when traveling on a plane?

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If you’ve travelled by air, an experience must have been and the time to take off or landing was when the ears seemed to be inconvenienced, closed or the seats were ringing.

But is it caused by an illness or is there a secret hidden behind it?

In fact, this is part of the norm during air travel, due to the lack of air pressure in the aircraft.

When we are on earth, the pressure of the air around our surroundings is equal or equal, allowing air to easily pass through the artery between the ear and throat.

But when we travel by plane, the air pressure there is unbalanced at take-off and landing, and we notice a change in our ear that may not be immediately compatible.

If the ear stops for some time to adjust to this pressure, it starts to feel pain.

Something similar happens when diving or submerged when there is a sudden change in air pressure.

By the way, there is a simple way to protect the ears from this inconvenience during air travel and it is to take a bus or swallow something sweet, both of which reduce the pressure by opening the air pass.

Similarly, avoid gold during landing and take-off; avoid air travel if possible in case of cold.


It may be in one or both ears whose common symptoms are ear ache or pain, numbness in the ears, difficulty hearing, etc. However, if they are more severe then these symptoms may appear, severe discomfort, ear pressure. Aggravation, hearing loss (to a moderate or severe extent), ringing in the ears, dizziness and bleeding from the ear.

When to see a doctor?

Usually, this problem is not serious and on the long-term basis, the probability of complications is very low and occurs when the severity of the symptoms increases or lasts for a long time or the middle or inner part of the ear is damaged.

You should see a doctor if anxiety and hearing loss is more than a few days or the severity of the symptoms is high.

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