Ultra-processed foods increase the risk of diabetes

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Research:Ultra-processed foods increase the risk of diabetes
People who use too many ultra-processed diets (foods that use ingredients that are not used at home) can be prone to diabetes type two.
It is already known about junk or fast food found in the market that increases their body weight and obesity is one of the major causes of diabetes.
Highly processed foods are often rich in sugar, fat or fat and calories that the body does not use for one percent, and they have been talked about for a variety of illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, cholesterol, obesity. And increase the risk of cancer.
But this new research also called them diabetes type two.
Researchers at the University of Paris, France, say that we want to advise people to limit their consumption of foods and prefer only home-cooked foods that contain less salt, sugar, and fat. Gains more physical energy, as well as helps to keep body weight under control and adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors.
Researchers say that if you want to avoid diabetes like diabetes, limit the consumption of sweet drinks with red and processed meats.
People can reduce the risk of diabetes by increasing the consumption of yogurt, vegetables, commodities and nuts, he said.
During this research, scientists reviewed the data of more than one million people whose average age was 43 years, while at the beginning of their research, they were protected from diabetes, and their lifestyles were reviewed for 6 years.
During that time, 17% of people were using too much processed foods.
Individuals who like these diets make more calories, but they are not standard for health, while obesity and long periods of time appear.
821 people were diagnosed with diabetes during the study, and researchers said that processed diets increase the risk of diabetes by up to 15 percent.
Research published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine revealed that there is a link between these diets and diabetes, but the cause has not been determined.
However, researchers say that the use of chemical and industrial ingredients alter the cellular structure of foods that play a potential role.
He said that these nutrients increase people’s desire to eat more of these and move away from healthy foods, which results in various problems.

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