Sugar can be Used to Get Rid of Various Problems

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Sugar is one of the things that are always present in the kitchen because no one likes sweet food, while without tea, most people find it delicious.
But did you know that sugar can do so much more than you can imagine without eating a sweet meal?
From getting rid of stains to beauty treatments, sugar can also be used to get rid of various problems and save thousands of rupees.

Make the hair shine

Washing the hair by adding a teaspoon of sugar to your favorite shampoo can make them look cleaner and brighter than usual. And who wouldn’t love a clean and shiny hair? However, this method should not be used every time, but do not try more than once a month.

Stain Cleanser

Combine sugar and hot water to make a paste and apply it to the stain. Leave this mixture on for one to two hours and then wash the cloth as usual.

Healing wounds

According to various research reports, washing the sugar on the wound and spraying before dressing helps kill the bacteria, which do not allow the wounds to heal quickly. Bacteria need moisture for growth while sugar pulls water out of the wound.

Salvation from the irritation of the tongue

Hot tea or food burns the tongue, if it is an experience, suck the sugar in a pinch, this will help in quick relief.

Effective against bees and insect stings

It is quite painful to cut a bee sting or insect, mix the same amount of sugar and water to get rid of it and allow it to remain in the affected area for 20 minutes.

Treatment for hiccups

A spoonful of sugar can help prevent hiccups.

Keep the lipstick long

Sprinkle a little sugar on the lips after applying lipstick, wait for a minute and then peel. The sugar will absorb the moisture present in the lip and also improve its color.

Extend the life of flowers in a vase

Combine three teaspoons of sugar with two tablespoons vinegar in warm water and then add to the vase. Sugar will feed the roots of flowers, while vinegar will help prevent bacteria.

Get rid of insects and cockroaches

Mix the same amount of sugar and baking powder and sprinkle this mixture everywhere where there is suspicion of insects or red bags, the sugar will attract the pests while the baking powder will eliminate them. Similarly, mix one teaspoon of sugar with a teaspoon of honey in a cup of water and soak the bread on this mixer. Scatter these pieces of cotton to the pest infested area.

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