Strong Glutes and Back Pain – 5 Exercise Protocol FIXES Weak Butt

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Strong Glutes & Back Pain – 5 Exercise Protocol FIXES Weak Butt

If you’re suffering from lower back pain there’s a good chance it’s coming from your glutes. It’s very common I’ve experienced lower back pain at some point in my life and I’m sure you’ve experienced pain at some time in your life as well it’s just one of those things that you’ll get at some point but a lot of the time the root of the issue comes from your glutes and no matter who you talk to.

They might say oh it’s your back you got to fix your back do your core work that’s sometimes accurate but really a lot of the issues come from your glutes not having strong glutes so the issue is having weak glutes so today I’m gonna share with you really six techniques that you’ll need to apply in order in order to fix your glutes and also your lower back pain. So when you picture people running that you see long graceful strides but in reality, their main push happens behind the person’s body. 

So when the pushing gets too much or if you’re pushing from a weakened point of view tightness and soreness will affect the glutes and also up to the lower back most importantly the piriformis muscle so the piriformis lies underneath the glute muscle or underneath your butt, so when the piriformis is tight.

It has a tendency to pull on your glutes affecting your lower back and also your hamstrings and this will result in poor balance even that shooting leg pain commonly known as sciatica so the gluteal complex consists of three different muscles you have your glute max that’s your biggest muscle of your body your glute Medius and your glute minimus your glute max is the powerhouse of the butt where the other two muscles are more of stabilizers and it’s important to Train all three muscles properly in order to make sure you’re having equal and balanced glute muscles,

so again if you’re suffering from pain like excruciating pain it might be best to go see a physiotherapist a chiropractor and athletic trainer but try these exercises or this five exercise protocol that could possibly help you alleviate the back pain but also you progress towards strengthening your glutes. 

Hip Flexor Strech

hip flexor strech
the first one is called a hip flexor stretch if you’ve seen any of our previous videos you’re in a half-kneeling position and you’re just rocking forward, I talked about antagonistic muscle is the opposite or opposing muscle of your glute it’s very important to wake up the opposite muscle. So we sit on our butt a lot almost all day so our hip flexors become restricted and limited that prevents the glutes from being woken up it’s also referred to as muscle inhibition.

so if you wake up and stretch out elongate the opposing muscle your opposite muscle your glutes, in this case, are gonna have a better neural response. When just walking exercising things like that so this exercise I’m doing right here it’s a hip flexor stretch opening up the hips in a pulsing fashion maybe three to five seconds per pulse and just working it through there okay very good effective exercise to stretch out the hip flexors so now that we’ve stretched out that muscle we want to go towards the main muscle that we’re focused on which are your glutes. 

Prone Glute Squeeze

prone glute squeeze
We’re going to go into a muscle activation exercise called the prone glute squeeze so the importance of doing the glute squeeze is it’s called neuromuscular activation this wakes up nerve endings within that muscle to prime it and ready it for movement so it’s important to wake up the muscle before you actually start using the muscle again like I just said if you’re dormant and sitting all the time there’s definitely gonna be almost 100% chance that your muscle the gluteal muscle is not woken up its kind of asleep if you will so stretch activate. 

Lateral Resistance Band

lateral resistance band
We’re gonna go into two different strengthening exercises for the gluteal muscle so as you can see here these are lateral resistance bands blocks targeting the outside portion of your glutes again you set the parameters with this you can do five steps you can do 50 steps it doesn’t matter but the main thing is you do it with ease and you also take your time getting this done because again you want to make sure all the emphasis is going on your glutes not your quads not your hamstrings and definitely not your lower back is safe to do with some resistance and it’s also safe to do with that resistance because you will still activate and strengthen those muscles. 

Glute Bridge

glute bridge
The exercise is your traditional glute bridge nothing new here get on your back bend the knees keep your hips tilted back into that posterior pelvic tilt to take any pressure off the lower back lift your hips up towards the ceiling and letting the lower back down you could also use this with some light resistance on your on your waist there but I would start off with just doing a bodyweight movement of this 10 to 15 reps really squeezing the glutes at the top to get more activation of the gluteal muscle and that is also going to help protect the spine but strengthen the glutes at the same time. 

Pigeon Pose

pigeon pose
The last exercise it’s more of a stretch this is your traditional pigeon pose it’s if you’ve ever done yoga or seen this position it’s a yoga move cross that front leg in if again if you’re in severe pain this will be painful try to ease into it you might even have to elevate your your your front leg there put a towel under a pillow on it even getting on a bench and just kind of leaning into it so if you’re excruciating pain I’m going to tell it to talk to you in a second about the protocol that you need to apply but hold this as long as you can you know at 30 minutes or 30 seconds up to a minute trying to get down lower into it and don’t forget to breathe deep breaths and kind of sink into it as you exhale try to sink down deeper into that stretch so let’s talk about a pain protocol if you’re in excruciating pain.

I don’t want to you don’t even want to try any of these exercises you got to apply you know basic injury protocol which is rest ice compression and elevation or the rice principle you’ve probably heard about this for decades but it’s true if you have an immediate injury on your lower back apply these principles first and then eventually you’re going to say oh I can start moving again and another way to incorporate some kind of pain treatment is with the tennis ball and if you’ve seen any of our previous videos you know I talked about tennis ball for recovery techniques or even foam rolling your piriformis as I said a few minutes ago is underneath your butt cheek take a seat on the tennis ball much if you could see it through the turf here the way to target the piriformis is to cross that front leg as the pigeon pose there.

okay, that moves the glutes away and if you find that tender spot right there hover around it thirty Seconds to a minute is all you need and this would be done pre-exercise post-exercise in the middle of the night if you wake up from some severe pain and I’m telling you if you use this in addition to those five exercises or those stretches that I told you about you’re definitely going to be on your way to eliminating your back pain other than that I think that pretty much covers everything you need to know about strengthen your glutes but also help alleviate in any type of back pain. 

So, in summary, do these five exercises incorporate some basic injury training protocols like you write the rice method some foam rolling some tennis ball or lacrosse ball massage therapy and if it’s still it just doesn’t get better over time by applying this protocol by the way you can apply this protocol I just talked about multiple times a day three sets five reps ten reps but first I would start out if you’ve never done this before and you’re in severe pain one round is all you need thirty seconds most what you’ve with each stretch five to ten repetitions per each exercise and then just kind of work through it that’s it I think you’re on the way to getting some hopefully some back pain relief and also strengthening your glutes and I know there’s gonna be other exercises that can strengthen your glutes as well but again we need to take into consideration your back pain and that’s your number one priority to get that fixed.

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