How To Make A Smok Tfv12 Prince Vape Coils Last Longer?

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With vaping, you will encounter two recurring costs: vape juice and vape coils. Both of these will need replacing at some point. The former depends on how much you vape and the latter on how well you vape. Learn more about how long a vape coil can last and how to clean it so that you can extend its life.

If you’ve purchased the SMOK TFV12 Prince Coils, chances are you want them to last very long. Moreover, these coils produce an incredible amount of vapor while also giving off fantastic flavor. However, the TFV12 Prince Coils can be burned through in no time if you don’t know how to care for them properly.

When you vape moderately, each coil should last around two weeks. You should follow a few simple precautions to ensure the SMOK TFV12 Prince Coils last as long as they should. You can maximize each coil’s effectiveness by checking out and by following their guide.

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

By changing the way you vape and taking care of your coils, you can drastically prolong the lifespan of your coils. When new coils arrive, they last from one to two weeks by practising proper care and maintenance throughout and between uses.

Over time, you will save money on new coils (as you’ll spend less overall) and have a more consistent flavor throughout each coil.

Setting up a New Vape Coil Properly for Longevity

Once you experience a burnt taste when using your vape, it’s time to replace your coil. The replacement process often consists of simply unscrewing the old coil, screwing on the new one, and then vaping as usual. That’s not the case. Every time you replace your coils, you need to prime them to ensure a long-lasting, premium vaping experience.

The Best Practices for Longevity in Vape Coils

Avoid burnt or dry hits

If your smoke Tfv12 prince vape coils don’t heat correctly due to insufficient juice, you will get a burnt or dry hit. Instead of heating the juice, the coils will heat the wicking material, which will result in the material being used up faster and producing a poor vaping experience. This can be avoided by:

  • Let the coils settle into their normal operating conditions before adding e-liquid.
  • Do not overpress the firing button. Your vaporizer comes with puff timer tools that let you know when to hold and release the fire button. Identify your sweet spot by paying attention to how your vape tastes. Vapes with ramp-up and ramp-down features can narrow the vaping window. After you’ve finished inhaling, prevent yourself from accidentally creating a dry hit.
  • Between each hit, wait three to five seconds. Let your coil cool first and absorb more e-liquid before you begin producing vapor. It is possible that without even realizing it, you are leaving your coils too dry between shots if you fire too quickly.
  • Don’t let your tank run empty. Before you refill your tank, let it drain to the bottom. Fill the tank to about a quarter tank mark, so the fire is never allowed to dry out.
  • When possible, keep the wattage low. Vaping at 200W-plus normally isn’t necessary unless you’re actively practicing a trick or competing. Most vapers can make it with 55W to 80W for most of their daily vaping without missing out on anything. You can also check out AirVape review 2021 to get high-quality vaporizers.

Clean Vape Coils

Once installed, you should not ignore it forever. Depending on how often you vape, vaping coils can become clogged after a few days (much like filters). The taste and flavor of vaping will diminish if you continue to vape without cleaning out this gunk. You can follow the steps below to clean vape coils:

  • Blow out the excess juice: As long as your coil contains old juice, it will never stop clogging up. To get the cleanest coils possible, you need to remove as much juice as possible.
  • Rinse the coil under hot running water: Hot water will wash away any remnants of debris or liquid left on the coil.
  • Get rid of the water: Gently shake away any water sitting between the coil wraps and let them air dry on top of a paper towel or another absorbent material. If you do not give your coils plenty of time to dry, it may cause uneven heating.
  • Attach the coils to your vaporizer: Remove the coils from the vaporizer and insert them into your variable voltage 510 battery until they begin to heat up. You should ensure that the wraps heat evenly over the entire coil, just as you did when you built them for the first time. Make sure anything heating unevenly is clean and dry, and look for signs of it.
  • Reheat your coils: let them cool for four or five seconds before firing again. This process expands and contracts the coil. Also, you must ensure that your coils are completely clean before adding e-liquid back into the equation.
  • Rebuild your vaporizer: Fill your tank with fluid and get back to normal vaping. You should be able to taste the difference between the new coils and your old coils.

With these tips, you can keep each of your SMOK TFV12 prince coils in perfect shape and enjoy a deeply satisfying vape session.

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