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Getting a good back is hard work, first of all, you can’t see you back so when you’re training it really is mind-muscle connection you need to feel every single rep for me what makes a good back is obviously with thickness and being able to see every single definition that makes a great back so it is hard but it’s fun at the same time training back so today guys the workout is all about hitting the back at different angles so from going high mid-low and also grip, overhand underhand. You just want to make sure you’re hitting every single part of the back muscles and it’s all about feeling every contraction feeling the muscle every single rep 

Ring Pullup

The first exercise is the ring pull-up I always warm-up for like for 10 minutes I warm up my shoulders my lats I even foam roll with my lats as well just to activate them do a few reps warm-up and then just go straight into the pull-ups it’s harder because you have to have coordination when you’re doing the ring pull-ups with the bar. the bar is in 1 position locked in one position or even you’re going up and down but with the Rings, you can go back and forth so you need to stabilize yourself and pull yourself up so it’s a great workout for your lats it’s a lot harder which is great it’s more natural movement so if you haven’t tried it’s awesome okay now so we’re gonna go on to the lat pulldown machine let me show you guys what I do slightly differently on machine.

High Row

Next exercise is the high row, so leaning in my feet on the bench lean forward and roll back just to allow me to stabilize myself so I can add more weight so when I’m pulling the weight forward my advice is to always make sure you’re keeping that intensity and tension on that muscle throughout the movement and when you contract and when you extend always making sure that you’re feeling the muscle every single time you’re feeling the contraction and even focusing on the eccentric phase of the workout because that is where you grow more than the contraction phase of a workout, and then superset with a lean back, elbows up into again another row it’s almost rear dealt and the upper lats as well.

Hand Pull Downs

Next, we are doing underhand pull downs now I used to do overhand because in overhand you’ll find that you can squeeze the lats a lot better, your grip slightly wider rather than narrow so that it’s more again on the lats and my biceps aren’t doing too much work the over-and-under works exactly the same but I feel that you can squeeze the lats which is the point, your forearms don’t fatigue as much as when you do over pull down. Your biceps is doing some work but the way you do it your lats actually do a lot more because you can fully pull it down in squeeze as hard as you can. 

Single Arm Dumbbell Rows

Now we are doing some single-arm dumbbell rows with dumbbell rows again If you do the forehand grip the dumbbells, you come out slightly because you can feel it a little bit more find out that biceps do too much work when the grip is slightly nearer when it’s away. You can use lats to actually pull the dumbbell back up that’s why I do rows with my elbows slightly out 

Single Arm Cable Pulls

This exercise is the single-arm cable pulls, yes a lot of people will do the pulls towards them facing the cable but I find again without fully extending my arm and turning to the side I can really feel the stretch and the squeeze every single rep it’s quite an unusual movement and it takes a bit of time to get used to doing I start light and build the weights up you don’t have to go like heavy on that movement if you touch it, you gonna feel it, if you’re actually working that muscle so that was a high cable row and 
Low Rows
Next, we’re gonna go down to do some low rows as well I always like to put one knee on the floor just for stability and lean forward slightly, you want that stretch you want to fully extend and really pull in and squeeze so you’re not just going from A to B the whole point is fully extend and you pull with your lats, try and squeeze your lats before you pull the weight and that would really work your lats and pull it and squeeze and keep squeezing your lats even when you’re fully relaxing keep squeezing focus on your lats not on the weight you’re pulling you’re focusing on the muscle your focusing on working that muscle not just going from A to B I love training back because there are so many ways this I would say is part an of training back like I have other types of methods I do and I train back because  back is a very important part of your body train back twice a week because much stronger your back is much stronger you are and always come out feeling awesome, okay guys so hope you enjoy the workout

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