Diet can have an immediate impact on sperm quality, research

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Diet can have an immediate impact on sperm quality, research
Eating too much is considered a cause of diabetes and obesity, but now another disadvantage has come to the fore and is to increase the risk of infertility in men.

This was revealed in a medical study in Sweden.

Linkoping University research found that food sperm has immediate effects.

Research published in the medical journal PLUS Biology reveals that healthy young people who consume a diet high in sugar, have an effect on their sperm and result in changes in certain molecules.

Researchers say that the results prove that the use of this diet has significant effects immediately after one to two weeks.

A variety of environmental and lifestyle factors, including obesity and related diseases, can affect sperm quality, as diabetes type two is considered a major risk factor for poor quality sperm.

Researchers in this study examined epigenetic phenomena that are involved in physiological or gene mutation processes, even though DNA sequences have not changed.

Earlier in a study, researchers have found that over-sugar consumption by male fruit fly leads to obesity and has negative effects on future generations.

But in this study, it was not clear whether these effects on humans also occur.

In this new study, researchers sought to find out whether high sugar consumption affects RNA fragments in human sperm.

The study reviewed 15 young people who were off smoking, who used all diets by researchers for up to 2 weeks according to healthy nutritional habits by medical experts, but more in the form of more Chinese soft drinks the other week.

The health and sperm quality of the volunteers was set at the beginning of the research and was recorded even after the first and second week.

About one-third of the sperm quality was poor from the start of the research, and researchers discovered that diet resulted in a very short-term effect on sperm quality.

“These are important medical effects, but we cannot say that the main reason for the high use of sugar,” he said.

Researchers also discovered that RNA fragments also undergo changes, and now they plan to explore the relationship between infertility and RNA sperm fragments in men through further research.

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