Bigger Shoulders Workout Dumbells Only

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Bigger Shoulders Workout (Dumbells Only)
Now we’re going to start moving into shoulders. This next exercise is going to engage a bit of your triceps, but mainly your rear delt.

Dumbell Skies


Shoulders Workout

We’re going to be doing dumbbell skies. Let’s go for 12 reps. All right, start with your feet shoulder-width apart, engage your core, engage your shoulders, up. And we’re going to go down. Keep your back flat. All right, we’re going to swing back, right here.12 times.

Hammer Press


Hammer Press

All right. We’re going to be going for hammer press 10 times. Let’s get it. Remember, feet shoulder-width apart, firmly planted on the ground. Squeeze your hands, engage your shoulders and your core, look forward. We’re going to curl up to a hammer curl, up to a military press. All right. Now it’s really important that you’re engaging your core. Try not to swing while you’re doing that movement, to really make this exercise effective.

Lateral Raises


Lateral Raises

We’re going to be moving on to lateral raises, which are going to be building our side medial delts, which gives you the roundness of your shoulder. And the bigger your shoulders are, the bigger your arms will actually look. Let’s get these lateral raises. All right. We have two more exercises to go to. We’re going to be working on our rear delts with this next one.

Reverse Flies

Let’s go for 10. Feet, shoulder-width apart. Core tight.  Shoulders back. We’re going to lean forward with our backs straight. Right here, we’re going to come all the way out in a reverse fly. All right, we are on to our last exercise. This is going to hit all our arms.

Upright Rows

We’re going to be going for upright rows, and I know some people online don’t like this exercise, but in my opinion, any exercise or movement that you’re not doing is where you’re going to find your weaknesses. So you need to train every angle and position, of course with perfect form so that you’re never risking injury, and so that you’re able to do the routines that nobody else can. So let’s get right into these upright rows. Now for this movement, I like to have a slight lean forward with my back straight, just so it gives me a greater range of motion when I pull my arms up. Let’s go for 10.

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