Best Way To Burn Fat 2020

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Best Way To Burn Fat 2020

Today we’re going to be talking about cardio versus high-intensity interval training. Which is the best way to burn fat? Now cardio and high-intensity interval training both do the same thing, they both burn fat. But when it comes to which one does it the best way, well it’s definitely got to be high-intensity interval training. Compared to cardio, high-intensity interval training burns way more calories and in a shorter amount of time than your basic steady-paced cardio exercises.

For example, just 10 minutes of HIT training is way more effective and burns more calories than 30 minutes of running on the treadmill. And not only are you burning more calories but HIT training has an after-burn effect which can last up to 24 hours that helps you to continue to burn calories even after you’ve finished working out. Forcing maximum effort, like when you do in high-intensity interval training is going to get you more conditioned to intense training which will help you get through your workouts a lot more consistently and have you progressing a lot more over time.

In my personal opinion, I just think that cardio, it’s a very low-impact exercise and you’re doing the very minimal effort for a longer period of time. So yeah, sure, you’re going to be burning fat but there are a lot more efficient ways. If you’re already going to be putting in the time you might as well be trying to get the maximum out of your time. Overall, HIT produces the same health benefits and more in a shorter period of time. So if you’re trying to find the best way to burn fat then it’s got to be high-intensity interval training and today I’ve collected my favourite HIT exercises, put them all into a workout routine so we can do a HIT work out that’s going to have you burning fat today, guys. 

High Knee Raises

high knee raises
We’re going to start off with high knee raises and we’re going to go for 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off, for seven exercises straight. If you guys are ready, let’s get started. Bring those knees up, guys. Tighten that core and regulate that breathing. Even though we’re going intense we want that perfect form. Push it, guys, push it. 15 more seconds. 


All right, next, we’re going to go into burpees. This is the best way to really get the most out of 10 minutes. I’m already fired up in the first 45 seconds so we’re going to work for this one, burpees. Let’s do it. You guys want to try to be as explosive as possible. If you guys can’t bring your knees all the way up just go like that. But don’t stop, guys, keep it up. 

Switching Mountain Climbers

mountain climbs
All right, next we’re going to be moving into switching mountain climbers. You guys need to stop, take that breath, catch your breath but jump right back in. Here we go. All right, don’t just move through these exercises, guys. Squeeze all those muscles in your body, squeeze that core. Every time you bring one knee up, squeeze. Make every single rep count. Don’t forget to regulate that breathing. The better your breathing is, the easier it’s going to be to go through all of this. 

Hanging Knee Raises

hanging knee raises
All right, next, we have hanging knee raises. We’re going to switch it up. We’ve been on our hands for a bit. Let’s move up to hanging. Squeeze, guys, squeeze those hands. Squeeze your feet together. Don’t swing, lift with the core. Keep it going guys, we’re almost there. We got 10 seconds left. Last ones, making them count. Squeeze. All right, now we’re going to go back onto the floor, go to some in and outs. You see this constant switching it up, changing the heart rate, this is what really helps that high intensity.

It’s about going high-intensity for intervals of time. Really pushing it for a period of time and then slowing that heart rate down and going back up. Constantly switching it up. And that’s the key to HIT training. Kick the feet, you gotta push it, that’s the main thing. It’s not for lazy people, that’s for sure. Keep a tight grip on the floor. Keep a tight grip on the core. Always engage to really get the most out of every rep. All right, next, we’re going to move on. 


L sit kicks
This is kind of tough, l-sit kicks. So legs up. If you guys need to take a seat for this one go right ahead. This is a very tough move. If you guys are starting to feel it you can just hold this position or hold that position, use one leg or the other one. But as long as you keep that tight amount of tension this is a very effective move. All right, last move guys. We’re going plank knees to elbow. Let’s get down, make these last ones count. You’re going to go knee all the way to the elbow, back down. Squeeze those glutes, squeeze the core the whole time. Activate those shoulders, everything should be activated. We got this, we’re almost there. So that’s round one. As you can see, I’m definitely breaking a sweat and I definitely put in a lot more work. So you can see why high-intensity interval training is going to be a lot more effective than cardio. 

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