Arm Workout To Build Mass Beginner Workout 2020

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Arms Workout To Build Mass Beginner Workout 2020

All right guys, today we’re gonna specifically be focusing on our bicep and our tricep, which are antagonist muscles. Antagonist muscles are muscle groups that oppose each other. Meaning, while one is contracted, the other one will be stretched. For example, when we do a ring curl, we will be isolating our bicep and relaxing our tricep, and then stretching our tricep, at the point of flexion. The benefits of training your antagonist muscles are that it’s gonna increase the oxygen and blood flow in your muscles, which is gonna help muscle growth and recovery. It’s also gonna help reduce the risk of injury by ensuring that you have a good muscular balance on both sides of your arm. With that being said, let’s get started. 

Diamond Pushups

diamond push ups
We’re gonna start off with diamond push-ups. We’re gonna go for 12. So, with these, you want to make sure that you have your hands centred with your chest, so you’re activating that tricep more. Rather than having it down here, you’re gonna be targeting your chest more. But lean back, centre your hands with your chest, you go down. Full-extension, guys. 

Behind Head Chin-ups

behind head chin ups
Now we have behind the head chin-ups. We’re gonna go for eight. You wanna make sure to have your arms shoulder width, squeezed tight. You’re gonna pull, and you’re really gonna flex that bicep at the top. You’ll have control with each rep. All right, next up, we’re going back to our triceps.  We’re gonna do tricep extensions. We’re gonna go for 10. All right guys, you want to make sure to squeeze that tricep for better muscle activation, which is also gonna help stretch that bicep, and get it ready for the next exercise. 

Commando Pull-ups

commando pull ups
We have commando pull-ups. We’re gonna go for five, each side. Switch your grip, five more. Remember, you want to make sure to go all the way up, full range of motion each rep. 

Bench Dips

bench dips
Now we got bench dips. The thing I like about this exercise is you can literally find a way to do this anywhere. We’re gonna use a box right here. You’re gonna put your hands about shoulder-width apart. We wanna focus on having good form, good posture. You want to lean back and put your weight on top of your tricep. And also, you want to focus on stretching that bicep. Let’s go for 10. 

Chin-up Holds

chin up holds
All right. We’re gonna go back to the bar on this one, and we’re gonna do max chin upholds. So, you wanna hold at the top. You really want to file your bicep, and just hold it as long as you can at the top, with good form.

Skull Crushers

skulls crushers
The exercise is gonna get you that pump that you’re looking for, and get us ready for the next exercise, We’re gonna go for eight. You want to make sure to get your head completely under the bar. Fully extend at the top. Stretch them biceps, contract them triceps. That’s the hardest one so far. 

Arm Ring Curls

arm ring curls
We have one arm ring curls. We’re saving the best for last. So, with this exercise, it’s very advanced, so you want to find an angle that challenges you. This exercise is very challenging because we’re isolating one arm. The position you’re in affects the difficulty. For instance, the lower your body is the harder the exercise is gonna become to curl, so you wanna make sure you find an angle that challenges you, but where you’re able to do it. Let’s go for five each arm. You wanna lean back, make sure your body is completely aligned. Stretch that tricep. Flex that bicep all the way up. 

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