A natural and easy cure for 100 diseases

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A natural and easy cure for 100 diseases

Health is life. In the case of illness, proper and indiscriminate use of medicines is essential for good health. The reckless and unnecessary use of allopathic medicines can cause irreparable harm to health. At the same time, it is not enough for everyone to buy these medicines that speak to the sky during this period of conscious inflation.

The prices of medicines are increasing day by day. Because of this, the importance and utility of these homemade boutiques have increased. For this reason, the importance and popularity of therapeutic methods for controlling diseases are increasing. New research is underway in western countries. Since there is no risk of any side effects in the natural way of treatment, there is no danger of harm to health.

In recent years, the herbal medicine, various fruits and herbal medicines industry in the United States, Japan, China and India is making the most progress. Millions of dollars are being traded on these drugs every year.
Almighty Allah has placed invaluable power in various kinds of vegetables, fruits, cereals, and so on. Honey, garlic, ghee (gourd) olive oil, fenugreek, clover, black pepper, parsley, fig, watermelon, melon, pear, peach, freshwater, potatoes, salt, jaggery, yogurt, stew, barley, carrots. , Coriander, mint, radish, onion, cheddar. Kachi Lassi etc are more of a blessing than Mani and Selvi. With their proper use, various diseases can overcome their symptoms and complications.

Below are 100 tried-and-tested versions of different vegetables, fruits, etc. Despite being an allopathic doctor, I have no reason to say that natural remedies are effective because they do not have any side effects and are unlikely to be misdiagnosed. It has been experimented and observed that sometimes when allopathic medicines are unable to do anything, the natural way of treatment has magically shown effect. Hundreds of patients benefited by following these prescriptions.

These are all free prescriptions for those using the famous medical books and consulted by the elders. Treatment They have also been successfully tested in dealing with various ailments. In addition to using this prescription, consult your doctor for a complete diagnosis and treatment of the disease, while avoiding unnecessary use of medicines.

1- Applying the pulp to the mouth in the morning, gradually removes the facial scars.

2. Use excess water to relieve urine irritation.

-3 If you are thirsty, eat cucumbers. If thirst does not quench, then make two raw glasses of milk and drink two or three glasses. Thirst will go away

If you have 4-foot burns, massage it with a mattress in the morning.

-5 To prevent rapid heartbeat and abdominal gas, inhale fennel and dry coriander one by one. Add one and a half teaspoons of sugar, one tablespoon each morning.

-6 To improve your look, grind seven almonds and take half a teaspoon of fenugreek daily.

-7 In the summer, take five or seven drops to soothe the eyes and irritate the eyes and soak them in a pot of water overnight.

-8 In the morning, give 3 grams of camellia in the morning to get rid of stomach bugs in children.

-9 For the treatment of rash and irritation Take a towel rough, take a towel sulfur and grind it with petroleum jelly and apply it on the feet at night asleep in a few days.

-10 To reduce obesity, boil half a tablespoon of cloned cloves in a cup of water and take a bath in the morning and in the evening. Obesity can also be controlled by taking one to five drops of cloning oil and one lemon juice in a glass of water in the morning.

– 11 To eliminate the cold, put a little sugar on the coals and inhale the smoke.

-12 Squeeze can be controlled by extracting green water.

-13 Remove the green coriander water to stop the bleeding of the haemorrhage.

-14 To remove the nasal odour, add a little bit of aloe solution into the nose with some water.

-15 To relieve urine irritation in young children, crush onion in water and mix 60 grams sugar and give two to three tablespoons in the morning.

– To prevent indigestion and vomiting, mix 30 grams of onion, a few leaves of mint and seven tablespoons of pepper thoroughly.

-17 The use of onion as a salad in the morning prevents indigestion and increases the strength.

-18 To increase appetite, cut onions and ginger in fruit heads, mix mint leaves, garlic cloves and a few raisins and use as a salad with food.

– 19 To remove head sores and itching, grind neem samples and mix it in water and make a thick lip and apply it to the hair thoroughly at night.

-20 In the winter to remove swelling of the toes of the hands, apply ghee (gourd) to the hands and feet. After an hour, wash hands and feet and then apply petroleum jelly.

-21 To prevent cough, morning, afternoon, evening, put it in the mouth and swallow its juice.

-22 Sprinkle cold water and hit the ice to relieve eye irritation.

– 23 To remove the swelling of the wound, rub the onion on the wound and mix it lightly and make a leap.

-24 Use olive oil in the morning to prevent chronic constipation.

-25 Use a pimple pillow to prevent all stomach disorders.

– 26 To prevent hiccups, eat desi ghee with semolina paste. Place ice cubes in the mouth or gently suck the rhinoceros.

-27 In children, if the fever is high, do not immediately shake or use cold water.

– 28 To prevent diarrhoea and vomiting, make fennel, mint coriander and coffee.

-29 Soak the feet in freshwater ten minutes before bedtime to soften and soften the feet. Add a few drops of olive oil and a little salt to the water. Dry and apply petroleum jelly or mustard oil.

Mix 30 tablespoons of Amla powder and Egyptian powder with a glass of water daily and drink it in the morning to reduce cholesterol.

-31 In case of poisonous insect bite, add garlic oil and honey to the wound area.

– 32 To eliminate stomach bugs in children, boil the clone in water and water it before going to bed at night.

-33 Massage the leaves of cinnamon oil to prevent joint pain.

-34 Mix one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of ginger juice daily to relieve the cough. Take three to five days in the evening.

-35 Burning garlic in the head and mixing it in honey removes traps and scars.

-36 To control diabetes, make fresh bread by mixing raw or roasted fenugreek with flour and eating it daily. In two to three weeks, diabetes will be in control.

-37 Use cloves to relieve toothache.

-38 Use peaches, beans, beans, peas, pears, bananas and more to control blood pressure.

39. Use oatmeal and carrots more to reduce cholesterol levels.

-40 Excessive use of gold enhances eyesight.

-41 Sugar and fennel Weight it and coat it, take a glass of spoon water in the morning and evening to relieve dizziness.

-42 In the morning, take two to three glasses of water daily in the mouth. The digestion will be correct.

-43 Use moisturizer in the morning and evening to maintain tooth enamel.

-44 To remove the stains, apply a teaspoon of pure honey, a teaspoon of sliced onion and half a teaspoon of salt and apply it on the scalp.

-45 Use potato spice to relieve heat, vomiting and headache during pregnancy. To make potato syrup, soak five or six potatoes in a glass of water overnight. Combine the potatoes with a little sugar and salt. Use it with ice.

-46 Abstain from the use of grease, collard nukes and sweets from your diet to relieve obesity.

-47 Use fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

– 48 Avoid morning and evening meals to avoid heart diseases and avoid poultry foods.

-49 Boil a teaspoon of mustard seeds in a cup of water to prevent sneezing. Cool it and drink it for two to three weeks before going to bed.

– To remove 50 starch, sprinkle salt on thin pieces of ginger after eating and also eat more ginger and garlic over the years.

-51 Drink pomegranate juice to remove anaemia. Use beetroot as a salad and eat apples as well.

-52 If there is excessive sweating in the hands or feet, then mix lemon juice or vinegar in water three times a day and wash before going to bed.

-53 Eat seeds of fenugreek if there is gas in the stomach at all times. To extract kidney and bladder stones, eat five drops of faecal mouth daily and chew the leaves of stone chutney.

-54 In the early morning, rub your right-hand finger over the palm of your left hand to remove the circles around the eyes and rotate the fingers around the warm fingers.

–55 To dissolve body fat, add honey and a few drops of lemon in the mouth water daily and take it daily.

-56 If gum bleeds, wash and chew two leaves of Jamon and mix it with gum.

-57 Cucumber and cucumber in children to prevent nasal passages.

-58 To strengthen nails, soak hand nails in warm olive oil for a few weeks daily.

-59 To avoid indigestion and overindulgence, take a little garlic as a sweet dish after eating.

– 60 To prevent bleeding in the teeth, mix a lemon juice and a cup of warm water and half a teaspoon of salt in the morning and evening.

-61 Thinly grinding leaves on acne leave the strands removed.

-62 Use small cardamom or tamarind to prevent vomiting.

-63 Little children, if you do not get saltwater, two teaspoons honey, half teaspoon salt. Make a homemade sample by adding one tablespoon of sugar and three to four drops of lemons to Douglas water and give it to children in case of diarrhoea and vomiting.

-64 In case of burns, grind carrot and apply it.

-65 If the hand burned by steam cut the pieces of potatoes in the affected area.

-66 Amalgamation stops frequent nausea.

-67 Drink large cardamom, cinnamon, fennel and mint to prevent severe stomach pain.

-68 When the sound is sitting, add lukewarm salt or warm salt to the warm water. Ginger juice mixed with honey and licked to cure throat.

-69 Eating figs relieves mouth odour.

-70 In case of swelling of the vaccine, hit the ice.

-71 Increase the use of raw carrots to accentuate the eyes.

-72 Applying green coriander to blisters removes blisters.

-73 To relieve toothache, grind cloves and mix in lemon juice and place it on the pain area.

-74 To cure bad and cracked lips, grind the rose flower in half and apply a little butter in it and wrap it on the lips for a week.

-75 Eat two or three Japanese fruits daily to prevent the pus from wounds.

-76 Shake the country of milk daily to remove physical weakness and gain weight. Soak eleven almonds and one teaspoon of raisins in half a cup of water at night and eat almonds and raisins seeds in the morning and drink leftover water.

-77 Take seven almonds daily in the morning for three weeks to relieve the pain in leukaemia and legs.

-78 To remove the scars of the operation, etc., add some olive oil to the enclosure and heat it and apply daily.

-79 To prevent itching and itching in hands, crush ghee (gourd) and get its juice in the hands well in the morning.

-80 One cup of pure honey, one cup of fruit vinegar and eight garlic cloves (eight grains) in a grinder well mixed and put in the fridge to relieve heartburn and prevent high blood pressure. Take a spoon.

-81 Boil the leaves of beetroot daily and wash the head daily to remove dryness of the head.

-82 Use “summer” to relieve urine irritation and blockage in the summer.

-83 Immediately apply castor oil to the affected area in case of burns.

– 84 To remove the itch, mix coffer in coconut oil and apply it on the itching area.

-85 In case of honey bee or lamb bite, add salt to vinegar and remove the ding from the affected area. The pain and swelling will subside.

– 86 To remove the headache, grind the lemon peel and mix olive oil in it and then rub it on the head.

-87 If you do not get any sleep, massage the pure mustard oil on the soles of the feet before bed and take two teaspoons of honey.

– 88 To soften and tighten hard hands, mix lemonade and glycerin on your hands before going to bed at night.

-89 To relieve the odour of mouth, chew gold and swallow it twice or thrice a day.

-90 When the sound is sitting, put two tablespoons of fennel in a glass of water and cook it. Add sugar and cinnamon. Use this potato two to three times a day.
-91 If there is a fork in the body, take a little bit of chopped onion and mix it and tie it on the affected area, the fork will come out automatically.

-92 To remove the blisters of the foot, apply the white of the egg on the bed at night.

-93 In the case of salt, add onion, lemon and a little salt.

-94 To eliminate cough in young children, grind a little black pepper, cardamom in half a teaspoon of honey and give it morning and evening.

-95 To remove facial wrinkles, take 15 grams almonds, add 15 grams almonds, whisk four egg whites and cook on a low heat and massage the face with it while sleeping.

-96 To remove nail acne, apply egg whites for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with soap.

-97 Use ginger and cinnamon mixed with coffee to prevent colds.

-98 To eliminate tooth decay, boil the leaves of pomegranate in water and add a little salt to it.

-99 In the morning, add a teaspoon of honey to a cup of warm milk to keep it fresh and frozen daily before going to bed.

-100 Eat walnuts before going to bed to prevent frequent urination. If young children go to bed with urine, feed them with sesame seeds or millet before going to bed.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the cure for seasonal diseases. Use them more and more. Eating hunger at night is also a means of avoiding infections. Eating of missed marriages, marriages, etc. also causes disease. ۔ So refrain from unhealthy eating.

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