9 Habits to Have Brilliant Ideas and Make Them Come True

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You may have had the opportunity to visit the Sistine Chapel. It is certainly one of the most decorated churches in the world. It seems that Michelangelo painted it in record time as if he was afraid that the idea would go away.

But in reality, it was because he knew that the genius liked focus, speed and diligence. Like him, you can have brilliant ideas and make them come true. But it comes down to a few techniques…

I share with you here 9 habits to develop in order to have genius ideas and realize them. Anyone can become a genius, but genius is cultivated…

Habits to Have Brilliant Ideas

1. Execute the ideas you receive and you increase your chances of acquiring new ones.

Most people are phlegmatic when they receive great ideas. Inspiration comes, and they don’t follow it. They have become so used to feeding their beautiful ideas with doubt to the point where they confuse them with temptations or hallucinations, and gradually end up being afraid of their own ideas.

Remember that success is the gradual realization of an idea that is worth pursuing. Meanwhile, you don’t know if an idea is worth pursuing if you don’t follow it. The ideas and inspirations that come to you are worth trying. If there are aspects that do not seem right to you, act any way, you will see what is not correct. You can improve on preconceived ideas and become a genius.

It is then that these ideas will cause you flashes of genius and you will never be an ordinary person again. Remember, genius loves it when you give your ideas a chance to execute.

Execute the ideas you receive

2. Use your insomnia times to profit

If you have sleeplessness without worrying, you may have taken the wrong medicine. If you haven’t taken the wrong medication, a great idea is in the making, and you must have the patience to stay awake to give birth. Remember that insomnia is never a bad thing on its own.

The cause of your insomnia isn’t even a problem. It’s the way you deal with your insomnia that is the problem. If you are in pain because you cannot sleep, you are preventing your mind from revealing to you because waking up to work on your dreams and give birth to your genie is not intellectual torture.

Remember the nervous breakdowns of Nikola Tesla (inventor of the Radio, the AC current or the amplifier) ​​as well as the hallucinations he had which are only traffic jams of millions of genius ideas who wanted to at the same time enter into gestation. When he created the conditions for their successive deliveries, he resulted in more than 300 patented inventions.

  • If you take alcohol to get drunk, how are you going to stay focused, focused and ready to perform your flashes of genius?
  • If you do drugs, will you stay awake?
  • If you are taking medicine to fall asleep, how will you be able to take note?
  • Are we saying that insomnia cannot be a disease?

Certainly not, but Hermann has had clients who were put on medication, but when they don’t take medication, they just talk about the projects they want to carry out. Don’t torture yourself when you have to stay awake to serve your genius. Find a way to use your insomnia to profit because some breaths come on the nights of insomnia.

Use your insomnia times to profit

3. Place orders with your creative genius

Remember that the only dreams you haven’t realized are the ones you haven’t thought about and the ones you haven’t worked on. When you know how to allow yourself fantasies and stop to reflect on them when you see yourself and feel as if they are already realities, you have just given your creative genius a command. What do you have to do to set your creative genius in motion?

  • Dreaming and clarifying your wildest ambitions
  • Mapping their achievement by seeing yourself and feeling good about achieving them.
  • Give free rein to the expression of your genius by creating the conditions for gestation, and your genius will take care of the remainder.

During this time, when your genius will start giving you suggestions, just take action.

Place orders with your creative genius

4. Remember that it is up to you to create the conditions for the revelation of your genius.

Noise is definitely not the best place to have genius ideas unless you have developed your supernatural abilities to accommodate genius ideas and start churning them out as you go. In this case, noise is your best condition for revealing your genius. For others, it is loneliness or connection with their own SELF.

Some people are sad to be alone once in a while but to connect with your genius most of the time; you have to be alone. Maybe people are afraid to be in contact with a ME they don’t like and don’t want to have to face for fear of having to dust off. But it is because they forget the remark of Joe Vitale, Author of The Key: “You are the masterpiece of your own life; you are the Michelangelo of your existence. The David you are carving is you!”.

Are you going to refuse to sculpt your masterpiece, to refine it? In this case, you simply refuse to become a masterpiece, a genius, an icon of your sector. When you refuse to confront yourself and take the responsibility of polishing and polishing yourself personally, you are relying on the genius of others to transform into a masterpiece. Are they done for them?

When you decide to stand up against yourself and take responsibility for self-polishing and polishing yourself, your creative genius kicks in because the creative genius loves responsibility and a sense of commitment.

the revelation of your genius

5. Do what you are really passionate about, and you will be awesome.

Whenever you do something you don’t like, you lack enthusiasm and passion, and it turns out that passion is the fuel to launch your genie’s rocket and put it into orbit. Indeed, passionate people are in spirit and are therefore inspired and more easily become geniuses; that’s why you don’t have the right to do something that doesn’t inspire you.

When you do, you become disconnected from your potential and your genius, and there is no way they can express themselves until you have passion and love for what you are doing. So, do you understand why this work no longer inspires you? You no longer put love in it. When you love a person or a thing, you have plenty of ideas to optimize it and to amaze it (make it fantastic).

When you don’t like it, you run out of ideas and don’t know what to do. If you run out of ideas, ask yourself if you still want it. Indeed, the genius loves people who are passionate and in love.

what you are really passionate about

6. Remember that overflowing with love makes you attractive and attracts the best opportunities, including brilliant ideas.

The best way to have pure great ideas is to act out of pure love. As the Dutch scientist Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin (1727-1817) said, “There is no true genius without a heart – for neither understanding alone, nor intelligence alone, nor their combination forms genius. Love! Love! Love! This is the soul of genius”. Genius is pure, so it is expressed only when the purity of love precedes it.

If you overwhelm yourself with love, you will perform acts of kindness. If you perform acts of kindness, you will attract acts of kindness in addition to goodness itself and all the good things that you need including the creative genius to create in addition to good things in order to continue to manifest goodness. Genius loves kindness because it exists to do good things.

overflowing with love

7. Practice detachment and your genius will draw the right plan with phases and a scale of expression that you did not foresee.

Once you’ve imprinted your ambitions in your imagination, wait for the genius to kick in. Most people despair of not getting a great idea right away and resign themselves to implementing the first alternative idea they find. There is certainly no better way to disconnect with your creative genius than to do this. Once you have clarified your goals, visualized and felt their perfect achievement, there is no more effort to follow through on ideas.

Again, if you are not inspired (be in spirit) and you have to wait to be inspired. An effective way to solve a problem, it’s going to bed as if you didn’t have it and then waking up in the middle of the night with a glass of water or a cup of coffee under the full moon and while you sip it and without putting the pressure on your genius … just clarify the goal to be achieved. Your genie will take care of the rest. Please don’t force your genius to do things the way you want them to.

Remember that your genius likes it when your ego leaves the stage to let your desire for accomplishment beneficial to the multitude express itself. Genius hates deadlines and rushes. It is he who must tell you when to hurry. Remember that your genius likes it when your ego leaves the stage to let your desire for accomplishment beneficial to the multitude express itself. Genius hates deadlines and rushes.

It is he who must tell you when to hurry. Remember that your genius likes it when your ego leaves the stage to let your desire for accomplishment beneficial to the multitude express itself. Genius hates deadlines and rushes. It is he who must tell you when to hurry.

Practice detachment

8. Create moments of reconnection with your genius

We all know the best times when our wonderful and brilliant ideas come to us. If your ideas come to you at a specific time and in specific places, don’t wait for it to happen randomly. You thus impose a vacation on your creative genius. Develop the habit of systematizing the daily creation of conditions for your genius and intuition to fuel you and act for you.

That’s not to say that you will need to have genius ideas every day or begrudge your genius if there are days when you are not fueled. For some, it’s in the shower… for others, it’s while they are driving… For others, it’s during meditations… For others, it’s when they’re cleaning… for others, it is while they reread their goals… And for others when they enter their mental or real laboratory (sanctuary) of managing their best ideas… For others, it is silence. For others, it is at any time.

Know which one is yours and systematize it every day and you will become a genius with 1000 inventions. For Hermann, for example, it is when he loses sleep. For Narcissus, it is when he takes the time to drink coffee in the morning and takes the opportunity to enter his mental laboratory. it is when he loses sleep.

For Narcissus, it is when he takes the time to drink coffee in the morning and takes the opportunity to enter his mental laboratory. it is when he loses sleep. For Narcissus, it is when he takes the time to drink coffee in the morning and takes the opportunity to enter his mental laboratory.

moments of reconnection

9. Make a habit of immediately following the supreme warnings and instructions you receive.

One idea can make you a feat and make history, and one disobedience can cause you tragedy or leave you meaningless for the rest of your life. But it is you who decides whether you are going to follow the supreme instructions and warnings that you receive or whether you are going to follow your ego and do what you think is logical when it is against the context of the perfect expression of your genius—fed by the source of your graces.

Remember that the genie worships when the ego leaves the field and gives way to the burning desire to do good and to do well in order to serve the multitude.

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